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The best of Pune Theatre: Natyasattak Rajani 2024!

The grand festival of Pune's finest plays, 'Pune Natyasattak 2024,' is set to welcome the audience. This festival, in its 8th year, stands as Pune's premier theatre festival, organized by Wide Wings Media and held annually in January. The highlight of the festival is the all-night 'Natysattak Rajani' theatrical celebration.


On the night of January 25th, starting from 8:30 PM until 7:30 AM on January 26th, the Natyasattak Rajani festival will showcase a variety of performances. The event kicks off with "And So We Dance," an initiative under the Dance for Parkinson's program, presenting a dance exploration. Following that, at 9:30 PM, after houseful shows in Punjab and Delhi and loved by the audience, ‘Baaghi Albele,’ a Hindi play directed by Atul Kumar, will take the stage. In the late night at 2:00 am, the festival will feature a fantastic comedy Marathi play, "Afara Tafari," directed by Rishi Manohar and written by Gaurav Barve. In this amusing office story, a regular workplace turns into a laughter-filled scene when a worker unexpectedly gets a special blessing.


In the early morning at 5:15 am, Vaibhav Joshi, Ashish Mujumdar, Dattaprasad Ranade, and other exceptional artists, after around 150+ successful shows, will present the program 'Sobaticha Karar,' featuring Marathi Ghazals and Poetry. In between these, there will be short performances; actor Sandeep Pathak will perform a stand-up comedy act 'Hastil Tyache Daat Distil', followed by Tanmay Deochakke's musical program 'Tanmay in Harmony,' which will explore Raagas with various fusion tunes. Devendra Bhome, Jaydeep Vaidya, Nagesh Adgaonkar, will present 'Ghazal Garage Mehfil,' a show exploring the beauty of Urdu Literature. All these programs promise to delight the audience.


This festival serves as a celebration for every theatre enthusiast of all ages, leaving no room for doubt.


The festival is presented by Amrith Noni and powered by Zapurza- Museum of Art & Culture. The event is supported by 'Gargi by P. N. Gadgil and Sons, 'Jai Kajal,' 'Gangotree Homes and Holidays,' 'Finolex Pipes,' 'Mukul Madhav Foundation,' ‘Dawn Studios,’ 'Radio Partner 'Big FM,' and Digital Partner 'SmrutiGandha.'


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