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Theatre Review: Priya Bapat's production Dada Good News Aahein completes 350 shows !

A simple-longish set, and a pleasant evening, the venue for today's play is Bal Gandarva. At RAD TIMES Editorial we started first reporting while watching Natak Company's Me Galib, based on the life of mystic, poet at this very venue! Today the venue has its charm, and I am reminded of countless singers who have donned the stage of the prestigious Bal Gandarva. The recent Deccan Literary festival also took place here. The stage is lit for today's performance, a girl (Prajakta) comes screaming-excited-a-mixture-of-emotions and launches her character on stage. While the protagonist of the play, has a comic timing that makes you feel so comfortable, you want to keep watching.

As the protagonist (Vineet) is discussing with Mithila ( who lives next-door ), he has an interview today for a California Company. He is super excited, and the family is bubbling over the prospects of dada going to California! But things are not as simple, and complexity enters into the lives off till now simple family. Enter, enter, enter!

Vineets sister walks in and has a serious face and the Vineet and Mithila want to joke about her day at college. And then she drops the bomb: she is expecting and is pregnant!!

The older siblings instead of being angry, take it lightly, that she does not know what she is talking about, that she is joking. But when in the next half hour, the bomb drops, it sinks in their world that what they were joking about is true, a mixture of helter-skelter and anger towards the guy, who slept with their sister.

The actors have done a terrific job of keeping the tension alive and comicry. Vineet is helter-skelter, and he is going nuts, without sounding trifle. The actors have kept the the seriousness of the matter alive and giving a light-hearted dealing of it!

I liked the plain dialogue, softness, and intonations in various scenes by both Aarti ( Mithila )and Umesh ( Vineet ). Aarti More, impacted in her role by presence, yes. A spectacle. Formal clothes and a clear, defined body language which justifies her character powerfully. Plain simple-no-nonsense psychology. A calm, delivery of dialogues, and a softness whenever she was even getting agitated. The comic timing of the four actors was laudable and the switch from comic to serious scenes just brilliant. Also, considering that it was 350th show of the cast, the scenes were well done. It did not feel rehearsed or mechanical. The whole team is doing a brilliant work of character analysis , putting their personalities in it. Also, this is not one of those plays that you experience common, expected humour. The play is a ride of emotions!

I would go for this play again. Lots of learnings on dialogue delivery, holding the moment, justification. And softness! This play is a good watch which is light-hearted, a more expanded production, and the venue just gives you lots of charm!

Production Name : दादा, एक गुडन्यूज आहे.

Writer : कल्याणी पाठारे

Director : अद्वैत दादरकर

नेपथ्य : प्रदीप मुळ्ये

Lights : अमोघ फडके

Music: समीर सप्तीस्कर

Artists : ऋता दुर्गुळे, आरती मोरे, आशुतोष गोखले आणि उमेश कामत

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