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Theatre Review: San 2025 celebrates a writer with flaws and successes in totality!

Seated at the beautiful Symbiosis auditorium, a voice emanates from around the auditorium, and an eccentric-dressed writer zooms past you from the back to onstage. A powerful entry and the play San 2025 has started! Brahmaste ( protagonist of SAN 2025 ) has just launched himself on stage! The duration of the play takes place in the living room !!

The life, and struggles of the writer Brahmaste speed by, Brahmaste rants about his life in the most expressive ways, and earnestly. He talks about other writers that inspire him and the limelight they have got! Celebrating the writerly life, Brahmaste takes you across his tapestry of mind, party, and politics. The baldy look of the writer, at times, gives you a strange appearance, but it charms you!

Another character that I loved was a man in an overcoat: Jameel ( Madhavan Rao .) The long hair and neat look, give him a detective look. His stage time was maybe one minute, the neatly shaped character leaves a lasting impression.

The stage had little props without being minimalist!

Image Source: Farben Theatre

There is an attempt by the director Dev Chakraborty to make the conversations contemporary of the scriptwriter Piyush Mishra. Which make the story connect more with contemporary time. The director Dev Chakraborty avoided unnecessary verboseness in his actors. Keeping the conversations fast-paced, witty, chatty, and contemporary.

Young directors in Pune are slowly seeing and executing a balance of strong language vocabulary and simple, powerful vocabulary. The director has also directed plays like Mahroom Ki Yaad Mein and Waiting For Godot.

Image Source: Farben Theatre

Both light design and set design of the play is expected to grow with more shows.

The casted dancer-actor Erika was apt in her scene. Actor Sufi (Wahid ) is powerful. Pragya Sharma and Pratik Gawande kept the story fast-paced.

Image Source: Farben Theatre

More shows would give the actors more emotional breathing space. You can always go deeper into the emotion, both for the audience and actors.

The production team did a stellar job of play promotions, students of Symbiosis, from cafes, to F.C. Road ; )

Designed and Directed : Dev Chakraborty

Lights Design:Amitava Sarkar


Wahid Akbar, Tarun Tiwari, Madhavan Rao, Erika Shaw, Pratik Gawande

Special Mention for their unconditional support Srikant Gadge and Kumar Lalu

Production team: Shravani Bhate & Akshat Jain

Production Manager , Arpita Luthra and Yuvraj Barve

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