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Independent Actor Dipti Inamdar reminiscences on impact of Theatre !

“The Art of Looking at Ourselves…

What started as a conversation with actor Dipti Inamdar and strengths and weakness of the theatre eco-system resulted in this contributive article. Dipti understands theatre contributes to the overall well-being of society. A good discussion empowers as discussed with Editor Deepak Rambo Sinha.

Well, that seems to be the theme these days with all the self-help, self-love and more, to foster one’s wellbeing, if only I could suggest everyone to watch more Theatre or perform, put it out there!

What could be more alluring apparatus into the society’s bosom and eventually individuals’ deepest, funniest and sometime darkest invisible realities- Welcome to Cabaret of realities: Theatre!

The difference between movies, TV, web series and theatre have been discussed for long enough to bring the theatre to online platforms today, making it mainstream where many among audiences were and are yet to be properly introduced to the form. Theatre is a place of perfect conglomeration of performing arts with dance forms, singing and adapting to a form that may have or may not have existed (imagination overdrive could have always led to the new world). Plays like: Anton Chekov, Baki Itihaas, Amrita Pritam have shaped my artisic view.

Most importantly it's all live, happening right in front of you, you literally being part of it from opening nights to closing and in between which is a big miss with online ones, the gap that still remains! The engagement is the problem, tool and solution here. Picking up the right characters performing with vigor and a story telling might just be the right formula albeit music and dances.

From ‘Lion King’ on Broadway to ‘Nat Samrat/ नटसम्राट’ here, all had these massively induced in their craft. Easier said than done, the art of theatre remains a challenge to everyone where performances should withhold the spectacles of onstage and backstage elements, for however minute those might seem, could have a meaning and message. It’s a team gig from writers to tickets counters where everyone works without breaks.

Although a message may be the smallest part of this theatre intellect wherein one may not ‘message’ other through Greek tragedies like ‘Oedipus, the King’ which had methodical representation of human sacrifice, but could be nothing more than creating awareness, many a times mere entertainment like in “Gadhavche Lagna/ गाढवाचं लग्न ” !

Well, the dramatics of theatre is the challenge to rightfully showcase the relevance of today’s ever-changing realities and human nature without missing out on the timing.

Foundation of the performing arts is ‘Theatre, the tone for character development sets itself with the practises conducted in theatre, true in my case, when the journey started with the holy grail of Pune / Maharashtra’s theatre ‘Purushottam Karandak’ . Couple of years on stage in Karandak, and it transformed a simple amateur performer like myself who previously performed on small school, college stages into, I dare say a substantial one later performing for TV, cinema, advertisement and eventually OTT ranging from Facebook, Instagram to Hot Star and yet it pulls you back on stage performing Hindi theatre with ‘Pushkar Rangmanch’ wherein I have been performing for quite some time with recent two more plays this month adaptations from amazing writers Ismat Chughtai and Gulzar’s literary collection.

Although the other platforms offer more reach and more monetary satisfaction for many, theatre still holds the main pillar of art whilst opening gates to other platforms. Nothing guarantees more than theatre the authentic over all development here in theatre of roles that we perform Theatre creates a soul out of body, heart and mind, many artists would agree with this that the transformation is real.

Being a part of this pleasant sometimes untoward theatrics is the life we live, we feel with others as an artist - moments, shots and scenes on whichever platform to see is the choice that remains with people.

To bring to audiences’ platter, various perspectives is what we as an artist's strive for, breaking that barrier, giving visibility and reality to thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams all through the craft of theatre. Theatre is for everyone, theatre is everyone!

Not to promote, but for the wonderment of curious minds, what’s a life without a little real time drama!

Happy World Theatre Day!

Dipti Inamdar


Dipti Inamdar is an actor. Some of her bibliography is below:

Marathi Theatre- Purushottam Karandak – ‘Mhanaje Jeevan’ and ‘Agantuk’

Marathi Movie - “The Offender” Story of a Criminal , Shubhm Bhavtu

Marathi series - ‘Ulat Sulat’, ‘Prema Tuza Rang Kasa’ for StarPravah, HotStar

Advertisements - Trestro , TioFarms, Provilac, Vedaaz Milk, Mandke Hearing Aids

Hindi Theatre with Pushkar Rangmanch – Anton Chekov, Baki Itihaas, Amrita Pritam(Laut Aao

Amrita), Ismat Chugtai (Guldassta) and Gulzar’s Seema

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