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Unconditional by Indian author Noelle Nams is a fresh voice!

This week the American poet Louise Gluck won the Nobel Prize in literature. I was reading her poetry.

And then, I skimmed through a poet from a local Pune Writer's Group. Then I picked up Unconditional :Breaking free for love by Noelle Nams to read. The poems are about love; and writings on love ; and writings on love can get extremely boring to read, I think?

Because it is the theme of every poetry group, and sometimes love just skips you; because you hear it too often.

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I found Unconditional: Breaking free for love fresh, I guess what connects me to the world of poetry in a book is the effort to enjoy an emotion. It reminds me of an actor performing on stage. They can go deeper into an emotion, and describe new emotional colour. And that is where the contribution lies. However cliched this may sound, it works and it inspires creativity. The art of poetry does not deserve competition, it does not need to excel, it does not need to detest, it does not need to breathe praises. But to just be. For as long as the words demands existence. And if a writer has for a moment experienced that fullness, words would be natural.

I found the existence of the poems in Unconditional: Breaking free for love fully expressed. The book is fully expressed in the efforts of the author. The book does not need to excel. The book does not want to compete. The book does not want to detest. The book does not want to breathe praises. Perhaps Unconditional would grow as readers add their own experiences. In that sense, yes, the book is still being completed. The book is still being written. But, yes Noelle has the sensitivity to words, that one could say is faithful to the art of poetry.

I have experienced some finest of poetry in short sentences. Some poems in this work aim to reach there.


" There is nothing
as beautiful,
in this world
as being able to
live each day of life
with you
and to know
the fact that I have you.
In all of my tomorrows.
Love you to the moon,
and beyond;
till the UNIVERSE
stretches its arms,
and hugs us
to sweet lullabies
with starry dreams
in our tiny eyes.
Love you to living.
all our dreams
together and forever.
Love you to,
sweet little nothings,
and all those tiffs,
that we keep having.
Love you to the feelings,
which are called love,
and beyond.
Love you to,
The unconditional love,
that you show me still exists;
like wildfire in the open,
like the promising purple sunset sky,
leading to a dreamy night.
There is nothing as beautiful
in my life,
as having you,
in all of my today,
and tomorrows."



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