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Trishla Patel's Raat Ki Raniyaan are coming to captivate your heart this June!

Image Source: Mindworkz PR

Mumbai 2024: They say we are blessed with a family but friends are the family we choose to build around us. Trishla Patel's new play Raat Ki Raniyaan touches upon how building and maintaining friendships are important. How bonding with one another in the times of digital media becomes all the more essential. 

The play premieres at the Prithvi Theatre on Saturday, 1st of June at 6 PM & 9 PM followed by one more show on the 8th of June at 8 PM at Veda Kunba.

Image Source: Mindworkz PR

Director Trishla Patel who has written and directed the play shares:

," I feel I am richer because of the friends I have in my life. Friends you collect along the way; your core group - be it school, college, work. You stay in touch with them-  be it once a year,once a month or every day, you can always pick up where you left off. Raat Ki Raniyaan is a story about a group of five such friends. It’s about their relationship. Their joy, their sorrow, their ability to empathise with each other and laugh off the biggest problems. They make the biggest hurdles seem like a walk in the park."  

Director Patel elaborates on the play - "

The audiences can expect song, dance, tafri and experiences that we all go through,  men and women. The story is gentle, yet it was exciting to write because I have never explored women the way I have in this particular piece. I wrote it one day, just out of the blue, thinking of the friends I have and how much I love them and how they become family. That’s what this play is about... friends who become more than family."

Image Source: Mindworkz PR

Experience the slice-of-life storytelling by the Ranis at Prithvi Theatre.

Raat Ki Raniyaan

A tpot Production

What: Drama comedy / Play

Language: English / Hindi

Duration: 100 Mins

Age Suitability: 16+

When & Where: 1st June 6 PM & 9 PM, Prithvi Theatre (Premiere Show)

8th June, 8 PM, Veda Kunba

Tickets: Book My Show

Cast: Jayaa Virlley, Fatima Arrif,  Aanchal Poddaar, Sohini Niyogi, Sanjina Gadhvi, Anant Ankur preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the theatre/films , big and small, coming your way soon. Happy Reading! Follow our channel here.

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