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RAD TIMES Preview: Zee Theatre presents teleplay YAAR JULAHAY!

Mahira Khan narrates a story by Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi in Zee Theatre's 'Yaar Julahay'

Watch the star deliver a dramatic reading of the intriguing tale, 'Gurriya'_

Well-known Pakistani actor Mahira Khan brings back the joy of story-telling in its purest form in Zee Theatre's 'Yaar Julahay,' a show of dramatic readings dedicated to literary icons of the sub-continent. Mahira will read Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi's 'Gurriya',

an intriguing tale about two best friends Mehra and Bano and their complicated relationship with a doll. Towards the end, comes an unorthodox twist that subtly unfolds the mystery around the doll.

Directed by acclaimed director and actor Sarmad Khoosat, the story is one of the many classics that Zee Theatre has brought to life to connect audiences to their literary roots.


Date: October 16, 2022

Time: 8pm

Where: Dish TV, D2H Rangmanch & Airtel Theatre

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