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Theatre Listing: Daag-O-Hijaab on Zee Theatre!

Get ready to experience a tale of tumultuous love and passion by Zee Theatre - Daag-O-Hijaab on Tata Play! Starring Shahbaz Khan, Payal Goga Kapoor, Sufi Sayyad, Hemant Soni, Satyendra Chauhan, Dipti Rajvanshi and Mithilesh Chaturvedi, this play is an autobiographical chapter from the life of famous poet Daagh Dehlvi. His love for courtesan Munni Bai against the wishes of Nawab Haidar Ali Khan of Rampur. A tale of intense passion and possession where the name, fame and glory of a creative man is at stake against the might of power. Will the poet be able to win the game of love? This autobiographical chapter from Daagh's life is directed by Satyendra Chauhan. Details: Date - 24th April 2022 Time - 2 pm and 8 pm Where - Tata Play


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