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RAD REVIEW: Korean Drama: W W - Two Worlds!

Image Source: IMDB

I remember watching Korean films some years back when I was putting myself into the process of watching world cinema! I remember them for the beautiful romance with not so much exaggeration.

W W- Two Worlds is a drama which I enjoyed yesterday I was expecting a slow drag of classic storyline; W W-World turned out to be good and fresh.

It's the story of a young athlete Kang Chul ( played by Lee Jong-suk ), aspiring to win the Olympic gold medal, and he does. The twist in the tale comes, when he kind of is immediately arrested for the murder of his own family because at the crime scene his gun was found, the one he used during the Olympic win.

Putting one and one together, he is declared an evil and the whole world looks down upon him.

He is about to end his life, until a slight illumination comes to him and he vows to find the actual murderers.

Image Source: IMDB

The life of Oh Yeon-joo ( played by Han Hyo-joo) is a mix of fun and kiddies delight. She is interning as a second-year resident cardiothoracic surgeon in Myung-sei Hospital. And she has issues coping up with the demanding manager, you witness hilarious scenes with her manager in the Hospital, and she is too good at playing out the training-to-be-a-doctor-attitude-and-forgetting-to-report-on-time. You see her dashing around the hospital floor,which is too good!

We are introduced to Oh Yeon-joos author /illustrator father. And she goes to check upon him. Here another universe starts, of writing, and comics and mystery.

Mysteriously when Oh Yeon-joo is looking into her father's study, a hand from her fathers comic book pulls her and she finds herself on a rooftop. Shocked she is trying to understand what's happening! She finds a person stabbed in front of her on the rooftop, and she helps him and runs for health. After all the action and medic arrive, mysteriously she is transported back to her father's study.

Image Source: IMDB

She also discovers that the folks at her father's office didn't see her disappear;and the next section on the comic book has already been uploaded. And, the whole story which was just acted out is a part of the book ( the part of see helping a stabbed person on the roof, calling for help, helping him and the person happens to be Kang Chul of co-CEO of the e-commerce company JN Global. The mystery is so brilliantly built that you don't even feel it. It has a sci-fi feeling to it, yet it's done way to smooth and fits in so well! We enjoyed the first episode of W W- Two Worlds and would watch more!

Image Source: IMDB


Written by: Song Jae-jung

Directed by: Jung Dae-yoon

Creative directors: Kim Seul-ah, Kang Hee-ju, Jung Yoo-jin, Jung Jin-chul

Country of origin South Korea

Original language: Korean

No. of episodes16

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