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RAD REVIEW: Abhilash Shetty's Koli Taal is a story set in Western Ghats!

Image Source: NYIFF 2021

Jolly conversations on the western ghats, Koli Taal , a feature film by Abhilash Shetty, is the story of a household around chicken /goose. The son is coming home today and the whole household is getting ready for the chicken-curry dinner. Next morning the household discovers that one of their goose is missing. The remaining part of the feature film Koli Taal is an effort to find the chicken.

Beautifull shot, rectangular capturing of doors, shots between doors, shots through doors into the room, the beautiful house, rustic, the workers working in the farm; Koli Taal is a delicious work of cinematography.

It brings out the flavor of a home in a small village, the farm activities, the tall trees, the village-folks with their teasing banter. The texture of the scenes celebrates jolliness, good-heartedness.

Without romanticising the villages, the local landscapes trickles through the images; and you want to keep to the slow paced action.

Image Source: NYIFF 2021

In a scene, the protagonist is seen taking her mobile phone out of a polythene bag is hilarious.

Then the father come and does the same. He is seen going to the market to purchase goose, and the slow ride from home to the market is something that you will relish, and the scenes of the market place, is jolly, full of life, and the theatre of life, which takes place across the contours of the country.

The acting of all the actors is calm, without the deliberate exaggerations of situations, which allows for a jolly mood to support the cinematoraphy. One scene where the lady is in a cow shed , is such an example of mis-en-scene. It's a beautiful shot which is an experience. You want to stay with the visual language of the frames, the jungle of shots.

Image Source: NYIFF 2021

The filmmaker has taken lots of care to set the local scene well, like when the lady is feeding the hen in the farm. Setting the scene with so much care to the local, certainly paves way to connect with diverse audiences, no-ones a stranger in this field. Sometimes too much details can load the audience with too much local information . Not with this feature film, the details make Koli Taal a home for all watchers. Shot in the western ghats, the film is an exploration of travel and camerawork too; I could not make out where it was shot until the filmmaker told me!

There are inverted shots of the basket, which has the goose, which is such well-done take. It not only emphasizes the visual focus but also the story about the film.

Image Source: NYIFF 2021

We would love to talk about the story more, but we will let it be, an experience can best be witnessed through a unique visual language of delight; Koli Taal is a delight; it didn't feel like watching a Kananda film! Yes, the sub-titled helped, not understanding the language in a way helped too! The performances by the senior actors were amaing. It's difficult for a reviewer to always pin-point the best and the bad. It's cinema for all , its cinema for the country and the world.

Director: Abhilash Shetty

Starring: Radha Ramachandra, Prabhakar Kunder. Ganesh Mogaveera, Sharath Devadiga, Guruprasad Nairy

Run time: 1:24:06

Language: Kannada (with Subtitles)

Year Made: 2020

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