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RAD PREVIEW: Hindustani Poetry Open Mic - Tehzeeb, Pune

April 23, Saturday, 6 pm

Nukkad Cafe, Viman Nagar

Chand Ka Tukda Presents Tehzeeb in Pune, a Hindustani Poetry Open Mic hosted by Ankush Tiwari. Hindustani is common language spoken in South Asia - India, Pakistan, Nepal and neighboring countries. It is a Hindi-Urdu language also understood a common tongue amongst the people. Historically, in this region, most of the literary expression, esp. poetry, is in Hindustani. Calling all the poets at heart, to share their poems and spend an evening of Hindustani Poetry. Anyone can perform. Ticket: Rs. 160 Sign-up at: rsvp: 9717125831 preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the theatre/films , big and small, coming your way soon. Happy Reading! Follow our channel here.

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