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Poems of home, school, love and peace!

Here are some selected pieces from the writing of a young author in Pune Anagh! We would love it if you read and shared it around!

Safety and First Aid

I take care of safety,

As the other day,

There was a cable on the floor,

So, I threw it out of the way.

If you find someone choking,

Don't panic, don't shout.

Stay calm and help them,

In coughing it out.

If there is burn or scar,

Act quickly and think,

Cool area with cold water.

So there is less damage to the skin,

So be safe and happy,

As I told you why,

Be very, very cautious

Don't get hurt by carelessness!



What do I know about my mother,

She's caring and loving and not

Glaring like others.

She spends her money,

on my Birthday Cake,

And if I want to go swimming,

She takes me to the lake.

If I am unhappy,

( I hope you know what I mean )

She treats me like a baby angel.

And gives me what I need!

She always cares for me,

And she is always keen,

I'm always kind to my mother.

She is one of the few I need.



Anagh is an avid reader of literature books for kids and also write stories and poems besides his usual outdoor sports and school activities.

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