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One Lyric poetry on World Book Day at Gyaan Adab Centre!


March is the month of books with the World Book Day celebrated worldwide on the 5th of March this year!

And All Publishing and Untold Stories are bringing back the charm of Hindi poetry this March and we are doing it in style - on the 7th of March at Gyaan Adab Centre, with the Biggest Poetry Festival of Pune! While And All has published 10 books and has been at the helm of path breaking literary events that have won awards and media coverage in Pune, Untold Stories has conducted 18 open mic events in a few short months, each of which has enjoyed a footfall of hundreds of poets and story tellers with a great social media following as well.

About And All

And All Published was founded by Editor in Chief Devangini Mahapatra, who has won numerous awards and media coverage for her efforts towards creating a more structured publishing ecosystem in Pune. She has been covered by Pune Times, Sakal Times, Lokmat, and even Radio City, Radio One and Red FM for independent interviews.

From making published authors and bloggers out of writers to creating content for a number of well known names over the past 20 years, And All founder Devangini Mahapatra has been dedicated to the cause of great content for a long time! In the past two years, And All has published 10 books that have touched the hearts and minds of readers and earned our authors rave reviews. Additionally, And All has also successfully built a blogging platform at that launches and promotes bloggers so that they can simply blog while we takes care of the rest with well defined editing, promotions and SEO enriched values. Needless to say, many of the posts have enjoyed a traction of 40k upwards. This is a stepping stone for And All even as more and more authors are showing faith in our abilities. From a nascent idea to a print ready book with three rounds of editing, international style paper and printing, and amazing creative values; and the entire gamut of activities along with events and promotions - the tireless work is now busy showing up at bookstores, media coverage and awards for And All!

About Untold Stories:

Bharat Asrani is the name behind Untold Stories and he has already brought his open mic event to various locations around Maharashtra. 18 events later, he has been able to bring in a footfall of hundreds of authors, poets and musicians per event. His events have become the scouting grounds for publishers - 5 of them have received publishing deals for poetry books by And All.

The social media following and the Hindi poetry scene can be seen thriving with these millennial poets who are reviving the art of writing in Hindi!

The Event:

We have come together to create a one of a kind Poetry Festival for poets from Pune, Aurangabad, Satara, Mumbai and Nasik. The proposed date for the same is the 7th of March at the Prestigious Gyaan Adab in Kalyani Nagar. The event would include the following:

- Cover launches and book readings of upcoming poetry books. This includes the cover launch of a book based on the life story of the last Braj Bhasha Poet from the 18th Century, Jagannath Das Ratnakar. This book is being co authored by Devangini and the great grand daughter of the legendary poet.

- Trailer Showcase of AB Ani CD, the first Marathi movie featuring superstar Amitabh Bachchan and produced by Soumya Mohanty Vilekar - producer, song writer and poetess who will unveil the same at the event.

- On the spot registration for an upcoming poetry anthology;

- Mentorship by Editor in Chief and Founder of And All, Devangini Mahapatra

- Sponsors and their tables with a spot on the stage

- Media coverage

- Open Mic for chosen attendees

- Performances by And All's newly signed up poets which includes poets with a following of thousands of social media fans!

- Live telecast across all social media pages of And All, Untold Stories, and the poets as well!


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