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[ Music in Pune ]Native Music on Nukkad Cafe's Live sessions this week!

Nukkad Cafe  is starting an online program, called as "Native Music". The program is an initiative to bring forward native music and their artist. Any music, musical instrument, or song that is native, of any country, we will stream it live an hour every Wednesday night 9 pm. The first of the episode, and the pilot of it, starts from this Wednesday with a flute instrumental by Santosh Naik. some of Santosh Naik work is available at @san_flute and YouTube Based on people's response and artist willingness to make the native music reac to people, we intend to make it once a week feature. 

Native Music - Flute Instrumental

Listen to soulful music of flute by Santosh Naik. An hour of flute performance, blending classical and Bollywood tunes.Native Music is an initiative to bring home native instrumental music. Artist who play native music will perform an hour of instrumental music and let you experience the magic it can create. The first of the show goes live and Santosh Naik is going to play flute. Watch him live on Instagram @nukkadpune. Don't miss this.

Wednesday, April 29, 9 pm.

Free Streaming on Instagram @nukkadpune 

rsvp: 7798578140

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