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MAARG: One Day Symposium on Mental Health!

Image Source: Secret Ingredient Health Foundation

The 10th of October is World Mental Health Day. To bring awareness and discussion on mental health, the Secret Ingredient Health Foundation presents a one-day event MAARG, ( The way forward. )

About the symposium

It is a one-day engagement in collaboration with Therapists, Mental Health Experts ,and Academics with the intention to destigmatize, create a space to facilitate important conversations about the field of Mental Healthcare in India ,and highlight ways to make Mental Healthcare accessible to all.

Programme Details 11am - 11.40am: मानसिक आरोग्य म्हणजे काय? with Monika Mande 12 pm - 12.40 pm: Suicide Prevention with Sanjana Shah 6 pm - 6.40 pm: Do you count the 'Likes'? - Abhishek in conversation with Pradnya 7pm - 7.40pm: Memes & Mental Health with Prateek Sharma The above events will be conducted on an online platform.  All workshops are conducted on a pay as you wish basis and there are no fixed charges for the sessions. 

Details Who can attend - Open to all Date - 10th October 2020 Charges - Pay as you wish Call - 9921734200  


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