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Independent Filmmaker Valentina Galdi introduces her film FADED MEMORIES at TATVA2021!

Image Source: Filmmaker Instagram

At TATVA2021, A Festival of shorts, we saw your film FADED MEMORIES again.

Congratulations on your selection at TATVA2021, A Festival of shorts!

Here are some questions Editorial at RAD TIMES, would like to ask you :

1. Could you tell us about the origin of the story of the film FADED MEMORIES. You mention something about its origin on an online discussion forum. Please elaborate?

First of all, thanks again for your appreciation. It means a lot to me! FADED MEMORIES is a reinterpretation of the so-called madness. As I said the inspiration is taken from an online forum in which strange phenomena were discussed. I remember there were two completely opposite lines of thought: one that defined the inner voices as a disease to be treated with drugs and the other that believed in their existence as an integral part of a person's life or past. The clash between those who prefer the path of therapy to defeat disease and those who instead propose to accept or even talk to entities to live with them peacefully is inevitable. FADED MEMORIES shows both strands but prefers the less rational one.

2. How can we be sensitive and respectful towards portraying mental disorders on screen?

I think the first step is not to live with the belief that there is an objective normality. It doesn't exist. Unfortunately, I strongly believe that watching mental disorders on screen frightens us because we know they concern us. When people are afraid they turn their backs, close their eyes and show fake smiles. We can only be sensitive if we look inside ourselves.

3. Do you think we can bring change by portraying characters who are going in through such trauma in society? In accepting them and allowing them space to live healthy and recover?

Sure we can but people are to be ready to play their part in this game. As my short shows, mental disorder is not always irreversible insanity yet it could be a consequence or the sign of a rich mind.

4. What are the four rules of filmmaking that you would like to share with us?

This is a good question because I think there aren't rules of filmmaking, you know! I have a degree in Economics and I started to satisfy my need to see something I had in mind come to life. The most important rule is not to hold back your creativity and be brave enough to represent anything even if the audience may not be ready to appreciate it. I can also say that indecision is an advantage because certainty doesn't allow you to experiment with new styles to find the right one but you have to be patient. Maybe these are advice rather than rules but I learned all I kn

ow with practice and a few lessons so set experiences matter more than anything else.

Thank you so much for chatting at RAD TIMES. We would love to know more about your upcoming, see you soon!

Image Source: TATVA2021, A Festival of Shorts

Credits Faded Memories:

Director and Writer: Valentina Galdi

Producer: The Gladiator Company

Key Cast: Gianni D'Amato

Key Cast: Alessia Petrone

Key Cast: Antonio Moscatiello

Director of Photography: Vincenzo Giannone

Camera/Post-production video: Giovanni Rocco

Camera/Post-production video: Vincenzo Giannone

Camera/Post-production video: Giuseppe D'Antuono

Camera/Post-production video: Valentina Galdi Sound: Gaetano Antonucci

Sound: Emanuele Rocco

Music: Man Tau

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