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Preview of film festival TATVA 2021, a festival of shorts 2021 curated by RAD TIMES

Ringing in the world of brilliant movies is the magical film festival TATVA 2021, a festival of shorts , curated by RAD TIMES.

It is a digital film festival developed by the editorial team of RAD TIMES MEDIA with the goal of making you think about the beauty that is Indian Parallel Cinema, Art Cinema, and its Compassion. With the hopes to use films to change people's perceptions of the world, TATVA 2021, a festival of shorts, has been bringing colours into the grey palette of their life. The RAD TIMES MEDIA film festival is the first to be screened on a digital platform. Grab the opportunity to network with filmmakers and industry professionals on this amazing platform from the comfort of your home now with its welcome in the digital realm.

Dripping with sheer talent, TATVA 2021, a festival of shorts is a short film festival managed by RAD TIMES MEDIA and created by five media students who believe in the power of words and visuals. Bringing to you the powerhouse of art and brilliance is this film festival executed excellently by the team.

Establishing the standards for excellence in cinema, TATVA 2021, a festival of shorts is a festival of cinematic bliss programming as one of Pune's most prominent cultural events. Films are chosen based on their quality, execution talent and creativity. The festival also encourages industry professionals to network in order to aid in the development of local manufacturing capabilities. From Prabhat Studios to the National Film Archive of India, Pune has been the centre of cinematic adventures!

The talented Indian filmmakers also have a chance to tell their stories to an audience suited perfectly for them. In terms of the film choices, TATVA 2021, a festival of shorts, brings on board both bold and astute films. The three-day festival is an absolute one-of-a-kind. Up-and-coming Indian filmmakers grab the opportunity to gain new insights into the market's workings, among other things. Media coverage is high which helps the films gain the popularity it deserves.

TATAV 2021 will be a digital cinema festival hosted by RAD TIMES.

Short film applications for TATVA 2021, a festival of shorts 2021, the festival of beautiful short films, will begin on June 21st.

TATVA 2021, a festival of shorts welcomes visitors from all around the world, including India. It also proudly welcomes industry delegates from India and throughout the world. Finally, it has received recognition from Indian and international media. TATVA 2021, a festival of shorts, is on its way to becoming one of India's most important film festivals.

The line up of the brilliant films is enough to make you sign up for hours full of just mind blowing talent and mad skills.

Film - Nine.

Directed by - Behzad Yaghmouri

Country of Origin - Iran

Film - Lone Rider

Directed by - Henrique Bouduard

Country of Origin - Brazil

Glance at the film - Roger Tasunka is a poor Indian teen who confronts numerous obstacles in his attempt to join a motorcycle gang. Impatient and determined, he sets out on his/her day to conquer his/her surroundings, doing everything in his/her power to obtain his/her motorcycle and to conquer the gang's most attractive woman, Jacky.

Film - Womanhood

Directed by - Khalid Bin Rafiq, Tasmeem Binta Tajul

Country of Origin - Bangladesh

Film - Phone Booth

Directed by - Glampiero Bacci

Country of Origin - Italy

Glance at the film - A telephone booth links the story of five characters in this intriguing film.

Film - Solos

Directed by - Sourabh N Desai

Country of Origin - India

Read the full list here:

Join us in experiencing the best masterpieces of all times at TATVA 2021, a festival of shorts , presented to you by RAD Times. Get your subscription now! preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the theatre/films , big and small, coming your way soon. Happy Reading! Follow our channel here.

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