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Gear up for Prithvi Festival 2022!

Salaams from PRITHVI THEATRE!!! After the pandemic years, Prithvi theatre opened its stage with a bang in full capacity for performances earlier this year. Now after a forced gap of 2 years - Prithvi is gearing up for its most awaited annual celebration for theatre - PRITHVI FESTIVAL from 3rd Nov to 14th Nov 2022 at Prithvi Theatre.

The festival this year will witness a grand opening night with a performance by Pooja Gaitonde at Prithvi Theatre. Apart from that, we bring to you this year, @ Prithvi Theatre

  • Premier Productions from directors Makrand Deshpande, Naseeruddin Shah, Aakarsh Khurana, Manoj Shah, Vinay Kumar, Abhishek Majumdar, Bhushan Korgaonkar and Vikram Kapadia.

  • ‘Abhipsaa’ A seeking - A Dance performance presented by Bijayini Satpathy. Re-imagining classical Odissi forms through modern interpretation

  • A performance by Pelva Naik, a solo Indian Classical Vocalist of the ancient genre of classical music DHRUPAD

  • Louiz Banks presents JAZZ @Prithvi

  • Western Classical Music Acoustic Concert by Symphony Orchestra of India

@ Prithvi Theatre Foyer

  • Platform@Prithvi

@ Prithvi House

  • Fringe@Prithvi productions

  • StageTalk@Prithvi - Eminent Theatre personalities in conversation


  • Chai & Why?

  • Mehfil @ Prithvi


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