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Champak Studio: An artists' nest in Mumbai!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Image Source: Champak Studio


Opening its doors to a whole new world of creative thinking, meaningful artistic expression and enticing talent, Champak Studio has arrived like a much needed refreshing breeze of fresh air in the busy city of endless dreams, Mumbai.

The studios décor beautifully embraces freshness and youth with its vibrant colours, variant textures, frescos entwining the retro and the ultra-modern and hence creating a stimulating space where binding traditional flavor blends seamlessly with the fragmented futuristic essence of our time…

The place is not only very well designed, the idea is also to offer a friendly and cozy atmosphere. The genius lies in the fact that despite the well demarcated and defined performance area, it remains open to interaction with the audience, all fragments come together to make one artistic unit. While one sees a performance, one feels included; as if one were a part of it because of its structure and placement of various objects like artifacts, furniture, natural light and shade and moreover its composition of real-life street scenes alternating with the classy, all under one roof.

Another interesting and unique facet of Champak Studio is that it permits a custom-made seating area. The number and formation of seats can be adjusted according to the requirement, with the maximum being seating capacity for approximately hundred people. The idea is to provide a space where audience feels and almost participates in the performance a space that triggers imagination, provokes thoughts and yet feels comfortable and real.

Shivangini Mahendroo – manager at Champak Studio fondly calls this place “Khandar” due to the long abandonment and the hustling-bustling busy urban concrete structures and hi-rise buildings that have mushroomed around it, However, this signifier leads to an absolutely new referent; a “ruin” with a new life in its womb, that marks continuity of past, present and future.

The moment you enter this “Khandar” and take the staircase to second floor, direction indicators and sign boards spark in you a rushing energy that makes the place look so lively! Even the restrooms and the staircase relate truly with this full of life concept with a special touch, due to the sign boards, paintings, textured walls and colour scheme matching with the theme.


To complement the performance stage, seating and the congenial ambiance, there are plans for industrial kitchen and a café at the Studio.

Shivangini also highlights another specialty of this space – its inclusivity. The very concept of Champak studio underlines gender neutrality and cross-sectionalist that can embalm all sections and genders of society with due respect.

Pranav Brara, the curator of this whole new concept says, “It’s a beautiful, intimate space with a great décor, quite warm for audience. Also, Champak Studio is in the heart of Andheri West, Mumbai. It’s the nucleus of film and entertainment centre. It’s a Performer friendly space. We not only have in our list, various kinds of theatrical performances but also workshops, musical evenings, concerts and are open for all other kind of performances as well.

We are keen on educating people with experiential learning programs and we welcome new, innovative and interesting mode of communication and expression to connect with audience and convey very important things in most friendly manner.”

Brara also takes immense pride in displaying his monthly calendar in place till April, the upcoming shows include: Sarita Hussain’s Zard Mausam, Trishla Patel’s May Day and acting and clowning workshops by Alok Ulfat and Rupesh Tillu respectively. Champak Studio recently served Tiger Shroff, the actor for his amazing stunts and several other shoots as well.

Regular practice sessions are happening for the upcoming plays, under the guidance and direction of Producer-director, Anand Mahendroo – the director of the very popular tele series – Dekh Bhai Dekh.

An invigorating artistic expression comes alive when light and sound come in action at the Champak Studio and the director says “cut 2, scene 3”. The Show begins…

At: The Champak Studio, Plot No.1, next to Yash Raj Studio, Fun Republic Lane, Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai


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About the writer SHUBHA BARARA

Shubha volunteers at the national museum likes to travel , witness art, attend cultural shows an try new cusines!

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