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Bollywood’s four Inspiring self-motivated characters.

Films have influence on our personnel as well as social life,you may deny this fact the motion pictures and characters have effect on our lives but if you really discover you will accept films have effect on our lives to some extent, Name any film or character which you have influence on your life..? Here are some most inspiring, evergreen and self motivated characters from bollywood history.

Anand – Rajesh khanna in the film Anand.

“Babumoshai…!” (Gentleman) If you haven’t seen this film yet you missed the gem of bollywood, The film Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee credited highest ratings among all bollywood films on IMDB, anand is a of story of friendship,Beauty of human relationships, Anand character Played by Rajesh Khanna patient of deadly cancer disease will teach you the true meaning of life through his cheerful jubilant demeanor,his inspiring self motivated personality enjoy life to full extent beside tragic truth of his life that he will die in few months. Anand makes friends everywhere he goes,teaches you the importance of relationships and best ethics of communication, he has distinctive quality of the facing every hard situation with a smile.

The film a sensitive portrayal of human relations, the dialogues written by the Gulzar are unforgettable and philosophical, these dialogues are not cliche but so meaningful. Music is melodious, Story and Characters in the films tells you the importance of every single movement in life and significance of relationships and tells you that every single person coming in your life is important. Anand teaches you never die positive attitude and tells you life is short and enjoy every small thing in your life.

Akira-Anushka sharma in Jab tak hai jaan

The super hit factory YashRaj Films production venture  Jab tak hai jaan the last film of veteran film maker Yash Chopra as director, Jab tak hai jaan is the story of three Characters Samar, Akira and Meera played respectively by Shahrukh Khan, Anushka sharma and Katrina kaif, in which Character of one aspiring documentary film maker of Discovery channel Akira played by the Anushka sharma has some distinctive features. which we doesn’t took account because of presence of stars like Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. the Beautiful character written by Aditiya chopra comes alive with flamboyant free spirited Anushka Sharma, I think the characters akira who works for the discovery channel in the film represents modern working woman.

Akira is brave and ambitious woman in spite of being just intern she decides to work on the most difficult project of making a documentary film on bomb disposal expert Samar played by shahrukh khan because she believes in herself she’s determined and confident about it.

Her exterior is tough so she never cries on difficult and emotional situations but somehow she feels inside all the emotions but never reciprocate in front of any one, she looks strong but she is a woman who feels love and has turbulent emotions, she sacrifice her love and never complaints.

She is so determined for her goals and she has fearless self-motivated self driven personality in spite of her failures to complete her documentary film project she succeeds because of her never die attitude even though she has to sacrifice her love for that.

Her refreshing full of life character guides you there are some other ways to live life and to face every hard bittersweet situation in life.

Aman-Sharukh Khan in the film Kal Ho Na Ho.

One of the indian film selected for Margaret Herrick library better known Oscar library for films,one the most inspiring indian film and the Shahrukh Khans as Rams character is unforgettable, positive, lively, frolic and loud there are so many features named few, the film inspire you to live life as it will not come again, emphasizes on living in present and the enjoy the every bit of life, we set goals everyday try to achieve it, and in that process we forget to live life and enjoy the moments we have now, we set a time and criteria to be happy and keep waiting we become frustrated and we continue to be waited for right time to be happy but having said that in this film happiness is to find happiness in every movement which we live and to find positive things in our life being grateful, Rams role played by shahrukh Khan in this film has flamboyant positive energy that unite family that has some terrible problems ,teaches how to love and live happy life. You can learn from him best lessons of friendship and sacrifice,

Film idea is contrary to quote of Mahatma Gandhi “where there is no love there is no life”, Ram character in the film tells you love is one of the important aspect in life we should never stop looking for love in spite of ups and downs of life,

Film gives you the important lessons like its ok that family has some problems but we have to adjust and always be together, sharing your problems may not erase them but it’ll definitely feel you better, no obstacle is big if your friends & family are with you, Most of the times we forget to look for love which is near to us, sometimes true love means letting them go and being happy in their happiness,if you wanted to become happy so stop complaining be grateful what you have,as the films dialogue says “Har Pal Yahan Ji bhar Jio Kal Ye Sama Kal Ho Na Ho”.

Rani-Kangna Ranaut in the Film Queen

Queen is a feel good film a gust of fresh breeze in the wakeless Bollywood film story telling, the films disqualify all equations and customs of film story telling there is no conflict in the film no antagonist no protagonist in the verge of completing the difficult task, the Queen’s story is the journey of middle class girl finding herself gaining confidence while facing ruthless world, Kangna Ranaut as rani in a role of life time, makes queen an absolutely delightful journey. She wins us over first with innocence, small-town charm, vulnerability, spirit, strength, warmth and her gradual confidence.

Ranis character beside belongs to conservative family being conservative and reserve she made a heroic journey to Europe alone gaining self-trust where she met new people she learn making new friends and rediscovering herself while wandering alone at streets of Europe, she escape from her comfort zone does self-motivated journey beside being not sure about the outcome, from her story you will get a life lesson that there is always an opportunity in failure or loss, this film is about choices we make, finding opportunities and making the decisions which you believe is beneficial and to be firm about the decisions,everyone woman or men can relate to the philosophy of this film, we have to know ourself, discovering ownself and make own judgement and not to see someone else opinions about you.



Mujahed Siddiqui is a cinephile!

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