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Experimentation in poetry and minimalism on the last day of Pune Natyasattak 2020!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021


K A L A M A N C H uses minimalism in it's oeuvre like wada to the city in a work called C H A H E T A and a poetry lab called DO M I S R E directed and written by Niranjan Paendekar takes center stage on 19th January , last day of the P u n e N a t y a s a t t a k festival !

The biblical personality who nearly sacrificed his son , ABRAHAM had pangs of conscience in the process of changing his mind: does his duty to God come first (to sacrfice his son ) or his duty towards his son comes first ( to protect his son, even against God's wish .)

Whether in reality he could protect his son or not, his son certainly experience an amalgation of alienation, self-doubt beautifully and with lots of raw in the play CHAHETA directed by stalwart MOHIT TAKALKAR. The son goes to explore alienation, angst, conscience in some masterly crafted visuals of minimalism in Indian and world theatre.

These visuals are supported by brilliant lights by senior theatre personality and META winner Pradeep Vaiddya, CHAHETA gives you major goosebumps about alienation, faith, family and belonging.

The tone of the actors in Hindi is something you would not have heard in local Pune theatre. Must watch today, 9:30 pm at Balgandharva Rangmandir!

Image Source: Sakal Times


In another interesting experiment, theatre director Niranjan Pedanekar has collaborated with poets and theatre artists to experiment with the form of gazal and theatre.

The artists would take the audience through the intricacies of the Gazal format and then use improvised situations of theatre to connect with the audience. Here, the artists would be playing with the structures of two art forms poetry and theatre. Perhaps, revisiting the process of creation of words and song could fund theatre situations with more of rasa; or the poetic beauty and vigour, which when added and mixed with the realistic byte of theatre would lead to a greater experience of the "aesthetic experience" as the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard, would have it! A life worth living which is filled with the aesthetic experience!





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