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The Temple London Theatre Company presents EMERGE! [ London ]

Theatre scripts like to draw from mythology and religious rituals. The adaptation of the script mellows the environment with plot and story. London, based THE TEMPLE, LONDON THEATRE COMPANY, adapts rituals directly in their performances.

Their latest play EMERGE is inspired by the myth of ATLANTIS. It is a metaphor for the human condition as a lost utopian island. Legends say that human beings can perceive the world from four different perspectives: emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual. These energies are often in conflict but only by balancing them you can truly emerge.

Cast: Laura Strazzeri, Molly Neylan, Jasmin Norris, Antonia Collyns

Direction: Laura Strazzeri,


Mythology can be used to tap into the universal experiences of human beings.

The Temple LTC endeavors to create not just a performance for entertainment but a concrete experience

from whence actors and the audience have the opportunity to deepen the connection with themselves.

Directed by: Laura Strazzeri

The dates of the London show would be announced soon!

CHECK out photos from their last production LOGOS:


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