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TV REVIEW: Bard of Blood, Episode 1!

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The Emraan Hashmi starrer Bard of Blood is an attractive television series and unstoppable penetration on the intelligence of Indian agents ; and you cannot miss the touching storytelling and Shakespearean poems!

Episode one, from which we expect a lot; it being an SRK ( Shahrukh Khan) production tells the story of the strategic operations of intelligence agencies of two countries India and Pakistan.

The episode one is mysterious, full of suspense, thriller ,and drama starring the suave Kabir Anand (Emraan Hashmi). MULLAH has been excellently played by the amazing Danish Husain, a villian ! Rajit Kapur as the Indian Agency controller, excels again.

Kabir Anand goes to Balochistan on an unsanctioned mission , when his boss at IIW ( Indian Intelligence Wing) was murdered; before he could fully on-board Kabir on the mission. Not only triggering alarms but also strengthening his resolve of avenging his former colleague and also boss's ( Rajit Kapur) murder.

Also, Kabir took this unsanctioned mission to rescue three Indian agents who have been captured by the Taliban and later on by ISA ( Inter-Service Intelligence Agency. )

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The first episode was completely mysterious. Sadiq ( Rajit Kapur and Joint Director of Indian Intelligence Wing ) dies suddenly. The first episode would merit a rating of 3.5/5. In comparison to FAMILY MAN.

Some questions which still trigger you are:

In Balochistan, In Balochistan, how did they get to those Indian agents? This wasn't told.

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Only a sound sample was not just enough to identify. Also, how can someone find the location through a sound sample? This wasn't shown.

If we talk about acting it was a powerful performance by the cast. The way Vineet Singh acted and his cover as a transporter in Balochistan. The joy on his face after hearing that he can go back to his home after completing a small task.

Sobhita Dhulipala, Vineet Kumar Singh have complemented the mature writing

(Mayank Tiwari, Bilal Siddiqui, Gaurav Verma) with good performances by Kirti Kulhari and Vineet Kumar Singh.

Full cast here.


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