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Music show DIL SE ..creates new musical structures in a tribute to A.R. RAHMAN!


Nachiket Devsthali, curates the story of his life, his childhood, growing up, college and more in engaging narration, inspired by the MOZART of THE EAST, A.R. Rahman! Through his life and various ups and downs, he narrates how RAHMAN's music came to inspire him in countless ups and downs of life.

When he found love or lost love. When he was alone or with people.

Beautiful audio-visual aids his narration in Hindi and a touch of URDU! His dream and journey of self- examination are aided by a troupe of dancers and singers; who live out his musings and bring to life the music of RAHMAN on stage! Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha was packed, and the musical show was promising in its premiere!

The format of the music show is new and suggests a structural development in musical understanding! How you show notes on stage has countless possibilities! Such a music structure and musicality opens the possibility of more collaborations with the music of the invented-genre!

I loved the singers humming to Rahman tracks with a video at the back; JIYA RE from JAB TAK HAI JAAN; AGAR TUM SAATH HO from Tamasha wins your heart!

Singer-Actress Pranjali Barve danced and hummed to the song from SHAHRUKH KHAN and ANUSHKA SHARMA starring film JAB TAK HAI JAAN!


Nachiket like a connecting voice slipped from the narrator's role, to observer to dance to Chaiya Chaiya tunes! The audience also experienced rich documentar-ish-retelling! Snippets of the interview of the maestro across his career were enriching;and with the baritone voice of NACHIKET ( of Sukhan fame ) had the audience glued to the musical show!

Pune based-dancer KUNAL PHADKE and his team blasted to the tunes as and when there was need of rhythm on stage!

VANDE MATARAMIt was a euphoric moment when the singers on stage sang and danced to , one of the original musical composition by the maestro A.R. RAHMAN!

When the dance troupe was dancing to LAGAAN songs by A.R. RAHMAN Sir!

Khwaja Mere Khwaja!

Mahiya Mahiya!

Kunal and Aishwarya!

Singer-actress Rasika Ganoo !

Niche Entertainment in association with Wide Wings Media Production!

Artists and Production team!


WRITER: Ashay Walambe

NARRATOR: Nachiket Devsthali

SINGERS: Abhilasha Chellam, Chaitanya Kulkarni, Ashutosh Joshi, Pranjali Barve, Rasika Ganoo

CHOREOGRAPHY: Kunal Phadke, Aishwarya Kale, Rutuja Ingle, Abhishek Havargi, Apurva Chiplunkar


PRODUCTION: Niche Entertainment in association with Wide Wings Media


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