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Gillo Repertory Theatre to tour Pune and Karnataka in Natak Bus! [ India ]

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Gillo Repertory Theatre is a Mumbai based theatre group that creates performing arts experiences to engage children and young adults with theatre in particular and the arts in general. The repertory is starting it's project '

GILLO ON THE GO' for the year 2019-2020.

The artistic director of Gillo Repertory Theatre is Shaili Sathyu!

ABOUT Gillo Repertory Theatre was founded in 2009-10 in Mumbai. Over the past ten years we have been primarily working in Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA), including an audience of children between the ages of 1 to 18 years. Our plays are created for specific age-groups of children and involve a strong pedagogic approach. So far we have performed nearly 500 shows to over 95,000 children across India.


We are now entering the 3rd year of this project and our natak bus shall re-visit most of the places that were a part of the project over the past 2 years. We have scheduled a 15 day tour of Maharashtra in Sept 2019 and a 21 day tour of Karnataka over Jan-Feb 2020. Along with performances, this year we shall also be conducting training sessions for local artists and educators at 3 locations in Karnataka, so they can be enabled to provide theatre and arts based experiences to children in their villages and towns.

We have been consciously trying to reach out to a wider audience and also make our shows more inclusive. For this, in 2012 we launched our initiative ‘Making Theatre Accessible’, inviting children from undeserved backgrounds into the theatre. To widen the reach of our work to children in rural and semi-urban areas as well, in 2017 we went on a Road Trip in a bus, a natak bus, across Karnataka, taking plays and workshops to places outside of metros, especially rural areas. After a very fulfilling and enlightening tour, we expanded the project to 2 states in 2018-19, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

A peek at last year NATAK bus tour!

You can read more details here.


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