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Theatre Listing: EK HAAN, A play based on Manto's life starring SHEKHAR SUMAN and SUCHITRA KRIS

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Panache Media has announced a new theatrical production titled Ek Haan starring seasoned actor and TV host Shekhar Suman and singer, actor, author Suchitra Krishnamoorti in the lead. The play is based on the story of the notorious life and times of the most influential writers of his time, Saadat Hasan Manto, showcasing the socio-political and emotional turmoil of the pre and post-independence era.


One fine day Manto's house is been barged by a pretty journalist Wazeera who has come from India to interview him. Manto doesn't give any interviews but somehow the lady convinces him to have conversations. Manto justifies his stories through his own perspective. In the meanwhile both the characters represents the stories of Manto playing the characters of the story.

Story "Toba Tek Singh" and "Kali Salwar" is being presented in between while they put up their views on the story. Both the actors are kind of protagonist of the Story as well. The journalist interestingly probes into the love life of Manto. The play has a good touch of classical music.

CHARACTER of Wazeera played by Suchitra Krishnamoorti

Randhir Ranjan Roy: She is playing the role of a journalist who is questioning Manto on his stories which are not supported by society. In a way she is advocating the perception of society on his couple stories and his thought process . Manto has been questioned on his personal life as well and his meaning of love.

The process of characterization

Randhir Ranjan Roy: The screenplay was narrated to Shekhar Sir and he liked it and asked for scripting. We took almost 8 months to work on the script.Once the script was narrated to him, the mantoniyat was over him. He gave time to read all his stories and understand the personality. He went through the minute information available on Manto from various sources . He started feeling the characters of the story being narrated by Manto in his stories.

Suchitra's character is fictional character who lovesthe thought process of Manto and his stories. The softness in the character was the main characterization and adaptation challenge!

Image Source: Randhir Ranjan Roy


"Everybody knows who Manto was and now we are making it simpler to understand who Manto was. An intense writer who presented the world during that time the reality which was so harsh to digest. His stories might take you to depression but if you read it through aggression you will be able to digest the reality of life. We are making an attempt to present it in Mantoniyat way."


Screenplay: Randhir Ranjan Roy

Direction: Randhir Ranjan Roy

Adaptation: Neeraj Murti

Dialogues: Neha Kergati

Cast: Shekhar Suman,Suchitra Krishnamoorti,Neha Kargeti,Vikas Tiwari and Amit Ghosh

Music: Parivesh Singh

Vocals: Rekha Bhardwaj and Shahid Mallaya

Writer: Neha Kargeti

Story Adaptation: Neeraj Murti

Lyrics: Manisha Singh Malilk & Neha Kargeti

Light and Set: Chetan Chand

Costume: Neetu Singh


Producer: Milli Oza Roy Panache Media

Where: Nehru Memorial Hall, Pune

When: 14th September

Time: 8:00 pm

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