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10 questions with the author of BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY! [ INDIA]

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SURENDRA KUMAR SAGAR,author of the deeply philosophical SIX WORDS and INTELLIGENT FIELD is not worried about life in deep future. According to him, the ' Traveling Cosmic Mind' that gives us consciousness can travel back in time to remain forever in the live-able eras of the universe. However, for us human beings, it looks like there is a roadblock. Whether it is from climate change or nuclear geopolitical tensions, the human race appears to be under siege. Rasa Aur Drama in this interview chats with the author on his extensive knowledge of international relations, science, philosophy and the problems of philosophy.

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Rasa Aur Drama: Could you tell Rasa Aur Drama something about the writing process, the research on the book BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY?

SKS: The writing process involved thinking long hours in the nurturing of an idea as a first step, carrying out

research in obtaining reliable and authentic information relating to the idea. Then conducting detailed analytical studies on the information in a comprehensive way, without overlooking any aspect. I attempted to construct fruitful analogies between FIELDS and creating a breadth of interest for the readers. For Bright Light In The Sky the research involved certain parameters. Like carrying out a survey to reach the answers of specific questions ( on the parameters selected.) Then the analysis. Finally arriving at a mathematical relationship between the location of the needle of the `Doomsday Emblematic Clock` and the probability of a nuclear attack ( in a fixed period of time.) The other areas involving research are: Determination of what lies ahead if good sense remains elusive; Developing a standard model of philosophy which is likely to be acceptable to all religions;Importance of Information as the nature of reality` and Determination of what is `Good Sense etc.

Q2.) What is common between science, philosophy, technology, and nuclear-geopolitics to be a topic of any book?

SKS: Information is the common base between these fields. Information about Nuclear Geopolitics of the past hundred years right up to the present day tells us about what lies ahead for humans.

If good sense remains elusive, and information about Science and Philosophy tells us how to arrive at a model of philosophy; including religious philosophy. Logically it could be acceptable to all religions and all sections of society! Conflicts can be avoided if GOOD SENSE

is forthcoming.

Q3.) You have beautifully taken the microcosm (atoms and quarks) and expanded it to the universe, the macrocosm through geo-politics! What makes scientific decisions into humanitarian decisions?

SKS: Scientific decisions aided by scientific evidence can be extremely helpful in taking well judged humanitarian decisions. They would in turn result in improving humanitarian outcomes.Let me give you some examples:

Scientific evidence on Global warming is helpful in taking constructive humanitarian decisions in arriving at Climate Change agreements which are acceptable to all concerned.

Strong scientific evidence encapsulated in the statement Newton`s laws cannot be violated is enough to prove that the 9/11 attack was an inside job, and this information can be immensely useful in preventing the `Deep State` of America ( such as its Military Industrial Complex) in stage-managing another war in the Middle East.

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Scientific reasoning that a Physical function Anthromorphic God cannot control nature ( refer Einstein`s essay on `Cosmic Religious Feeling` ) without violating the laws of science created by him, can lead to a humanitarian decision that the best option is to consider God as existing in the form of an `Intelligent Field`, but that there is no evidence of anything divine about the Intelligent Field, and if gets contaminated with evil information, then it is up to us human beings to remove/delete such information in order to survive from self-destructing ourselves , and that no such Physical God who will come to rescue you.

Q4.) Science can be blind, do you think a deeper study of philosophy helps understand science better ? Reading philosophers like Kant, Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell!

SKS: Science is not blind, but `Science without religion is lame, and Religion without science is blind` (Einstein). Yes indeed, a deeper study of philosophy definitely helps understand science better, particularly in the determination of a standard model of philosophy which is acceptable to all sections of society.

''Now, a Standard Model - such as that of `Particle Physics` or `Cosmology` - in general signifies a model which has been developed - as far as possible - on the basis of the established principles of Science, in which case - you might ask the question: How can the said term `Standard Model` be used for philosophy? For philosophy is after all philosophy. If it were an established truth, it won`t be called

philosophy. ''

In fact what exactly is the meaning of the word ‘Philosophy’ ?

Let me use some high school algebra to understand this.

"If `x` corresponds to the total ultimate truth and `y` corresponds to the portion of truth that is fully understood and established by Science, then `z` = x – y obviously corresponds to that portion of truth which is either unknown or partly known and not yet established by Science. The entire philosophy of the world – whether written in books/websites, or discussed in seminars/get-together – or in `Talks` like this, is dealing with `z`, and that portion of it which is related to such topics as `mind`, `consciousness`, `soul` , `spirit`, and `God` is dealing with `Religious Philosophy`. As and when a portion of

`z` becomes an established truth by Science (By experiment / observation), it gets added to `y`, till such time, it remains in the domain of philosophy / religion.

So what should this `Standard Model Of Philosophy` aim at ?

Simple … The Universe must make sense. "

Q5.) Can you recommend Rasa Aur Drama some readings on geopolitics and nuclear physics?

SKS: Yes .. Here are some important books on the subject recommended for you:

`Keeper of the Nuclear Conscience` by Andrew Brown .

'Churchill`s Bombs` by Graham Farmelo

`The Manhattan Project` edited by Cynthia C Kelley

Q6) How does the book BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY contribute to world peace?

SKS: The book provides information in the Field on happenings in the world and probable calamities.

And one complete chapter on what is that GOOD SENSE that can help us in reaching World Peace. `Essence of Religion` maybe the common denominator in all religions. What Methods should be used to resolve conflicts ?So that future security of the human race should not be left to chance! Plan the future meticulously with no scope for miscalculations!

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Just as the Universe is a Designed Universe with immaculately designed constants of nature; which are beautifully incorporated into the laws of science to enable life! Similarly, the actions of human beings (particularly of leaders of nations) should be meticulously designed to enable life and consciousness in the human form to continue eternally.

Q7) Could you tell Rasa Aur Drama what we can learn from Quantum Physics to improve the world?

SKS: When Quantum theory was completed with the mathematical formulation of the quantum phenomena very much in place, two categories of Scientists emerged in relation to the quantum theory.

Quantum tunneling in water confirmed


Category 1-THE INDIFFERENT SCIENTIST: Such as `The Engineer` `The Chemist`, `the Molecular Biologist` all concerned with what happens at the Quantum level but not much concerned with HOW it happens. The impact on technology and the practical applications of Quantum Mechanics were far reaching. The Laser, the Transistor, the Semiconductor, the Microchip, and the COMPUTER REVOLUTION, the DNA and the RNA and the BIOLOGICAL REVOLUTION, started changing the World. Chemistry was fully explained, Nuclear Physics was born. Now these category 1 scientists though concerned only with `what` happens at the quantum level, had their own leaps of imaginations-one after the other-leading on to these technological revolutions. Prior to the establishment of the quantum theory, the word `Computer `was used as a designation meaning `one who computes’. These were people who worked on mechanical calculators. Quantum theory revealing what goes on inside atoms and how electrons behave gave specific insights into how electricity could be utilized for this purpose.Category 2 – THE BOTHERED SCIENTIST: Such as `The Theoretical Physicists cum Philosophers` equally concerned with what happens as well as how it happens. The philosophical implications of the various quantum phenomena such as quantum entanglement, the uncertainty principle, the wave particle duality, the probability wave, the role of consciousness, the participating observer, etc etc were far reaching in scope leading to such profound ideas such as the `Unity of consciousness`, the `Oneness of the mind`, `Intelligent Field`, the `Proto - Consciousness Field`. Indeed `Mind and Consciousness` have a central role in the understanding of reality, never mind if this is not professionally useful to theoretical physicists, or practically useful to build machines, but it can be philosophically useful to unite religions, to unite cultures, to end conflicts and wars.

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Q8) You have also done an art exhibition on your book. Could you tell Rasa Aur Drama how did the audience receive it ?

SKS: A video presentation of a short film on Six Words and an exhibition of paintings by Bharati Sagar entitled “ Intelligence in the Field” (on the subjects of Six Words and Intelligent Field) was held at Galerie De’Arts in Bangalore on October 3rd 2015. Some of the Titles of the paintings were : `Colliding Galaxies`, `Intelligence in the Field`, `Information in the Field`, `Quantum Dilemma`, `Probability Wave` `Schrodinger`s thoughts`, `Conversations in a symposium` etc. The exhibition was a huge success as also the Video Presentation and the Q & A session.

Q9) You use the word " radical Islam" in your book. Do you think journalists, writers have a good enough understanding to discuss Islam?

SKS: It is not for me to say if the journalists have a good understanding of Islam. They ought to have a good understanding if they are writing about it. Indeed every religion and that includes Islamic religion is a religion of peace that conforms to the Essence of Religion which is `To live and let live`, `To live in peaceful coexistence with all`, `To take good care of the environment around us`, `To find solace and peace of mind in prayer and/or meditation` etc.

If someone is `Radical`, or `Militant`, or `Violent`, or `Intolerant` he or she cannot be considered Religious.

Q10) What are your words of wisdom for today's readers and students; if any?

SKS: They should understand that the essence of religion is nothing other than `To live and let live`, ` To take care of the environment around us`, `To find Solace and peace of mind in prayer and meditation`. They should be well informed about what’s happening `Right` or `Wrong` in the world. And I request and urge them to get involved in whatever way they can to help in the continuation of the `Extraordinary Intelligent Life` on this wonderful planet Earth.


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