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is a non-fiction book which has the pace of a Michael Crichton novel in its tonality! A rare feat by the author Surendra Kumar Sagar! He has brought philosophical, mathematical, nuclear-geo-politics in a tone of ordinary conversations beautifully! I could not find a single word in the book from start to finish inauthentic in any way! The book is like a conversation through the ages; scientific theories of a hundred years, philosophical theories of a hundred years; and geopolitical theories! A brilliant conceiving of these separate disciplines! The book BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY is of simple parlance with a strong echo!

The author welcomes you to the MANHATTAN PROJECT on the start, and carefully shares the excitement of the U.S. administration; in exploiting Einstein's formula by the director Robert Oppenheimer!

The dropping of the " Little Boy" on Nagasaki and the humanitarian concern and arms race that followed as a result of using the first nuclear atomic bomb on planet Earth!

He also quotes all sides of the scientist Albert Einstein when he says that he did not feel his formula E=MC2 could be used for making nuclear bombs! But it was. A humanitarian concern followed and mathematician Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein teamed up to start the PUGWASH conference!

The PUGWASH conference encouraged disarmament and the arms race! He also talks about THE DOOMSDAY EMBLEMATIC CLOCK!

What follows: The Cuban Missile Crisis, Mikhail Gorbachev's positive approach, Kargil War, Bush Invasion of Iraq, North Korea stance, 9/11 terrorist attacks, Donald Trump and Iran nuclear deal, Russia Air Missile test, and the good sense! He has covered all international events of importance and hope!

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The below quote by Lee Smolin from the book summed up science for me:

QUOTATION 10: " There are only four problems that the scientists have not been able to solve so far. These are:

1. How to combine quantum theory and general relativity to produce a single theory ( of quantum gravity ) that can claim to be a complete theory of matter.

2. How to combine all the particles and forces in today's physics to give a theory as manifestations of a fundamental unity.

3. To explain how the values of the free constants in the standard model of particle physics ( the masses and life times of the various elementary particles) are chosen in nature.

4. To explain the existence and properties of dark matter and dark energy."

The above four problems will not be solved in isolation; the solution of these great problems will come together. A possible way forward is to give up the attempt to apply quantum theory to the universe as a whole, and to regard quantum theory as the record of quantum information that one subsystem may have about another subsystem, as a result of their mutual interaction. In this way, ideas from the study of quantum information may demonstrate how elementary particles may emerge from quantum space-time."

The author has given an ingenious response to this,I found it to be a comprehensive account of scientific endeavors of this age, clearly spelled out!

The author also discusses the conspiracy theory surrounding the 9/11 attacks. I doubt if readers would have read of such conspiracy theories. But, with his analysis of the attacks with his knowledge of civil engineering; he has certainly pushed readers to analyze an event objectively! Let's hope such conspiracies theories are not true!

I have read BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY with the same pleasure as I remember reading Stephen Hawking's A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME!


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