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Theatre Review: Rabindranath Tagore's Jibito-Mrito adapted by Ingenium Theatre! [ India]


Ingenium Theatre Studio adapted a Rabindranath Tagore story into Hindi and gave the audience something to experience. The show somehow stood with the script of justifying it first irrespective of what the audience is expecting, when coming to watch a play. A lot of work went into the design and the scenework was changed by the director Shrikant Gadge from the previous show;Powerful music, apt lights! The lead protagonist was able to Bring out that Tagorean-artistic-rasa-of-immense-pain-and-longing. The actor has come to be more realistic and responsive to space, stage and fellow actors.

The story of JIBITO-MRITO takes you to a widow who has been abandoned by society. The play translated as Living and Dead, presents a young, childless widow, Kadambini, who is believed by others, and at first believes herself, to be dead, existing in the world only as a ghost.It is a sensitive story about love, betrayal ,and superstitions. In this story, the widow’s existence is compared to that of a departed spirit or ghost (pret in hindi). The whole story revolves around Kadambini, who has to live a miserable life to prove herself a normal living being.


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