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Theatre Listing: Director Shekhar Sen brings the poetry of life through his plays Kabeer, Tulshi and


Kabeer - A Musical Monoact Play

Show: Fri 31 May at 06:00 PM at Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha: Pune


Love, Peace and Religious Harmony are the three mantras that have the power to make every divisive wall melt and to raze every barrier erected by fanatic rage and hatred. Among the innumerable Masters who have tried to make man realize the importance of internalizing these life-giving qualities is the prolific poet-saint Kabeer, whose immortal songs capturing the highest truths in the most simple and lyrical words are ensconced in the heart of every seeker of the Divine, religion no bar! It is the unique 600-year-old story of this All-time-Great that writer-composer-director, singer and actor Shekhar Sen breathes life into on stage through the mesmeric, 2-hour mono-act Kabeer which has 45 song sequences! Sen’s voice power and charisma combine to carry the viewer into another time, another clime – the ‘spiritual city’ – Kashi ,where Kabeer- the sensitive foundling of unknown parentage, growing in the loving foster-care of a Muslim couple, feels a rising rebellion about the bigotry and superstitious beliefs of the high priests propagating a totally false notion of religion. The commendable dramatic skill with which Shekhar empowers the audience to feel the impact on this creative revolutionary of holy personages like Guru Ramanand, Raidas, Shaikh Fareed, the stirring nuances with which he presents the story of Kabeer’s marriage to Loyee, the dramatic intonation with which he flexes his script to describe Kabeer’s milestone-meeting with Sikandar Shah Lodhi, everything adds up to make this magical musical a ‘forever-experience’ in the album of memories.

Actor, Director, Singer & Composer: Shekhar Sen

Tulsi - A musical Monoact Play

Show: Sat 01 Jun at 06:00 PM at Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Kalamandir: Pune


The story of a day becomes the history of a revered poet-saints lifetime when Goswami Tulsidas visits planet Earth for 24 hours and shares invaluable vignettes from his fascinating life in this brilliant mono-act written, composed, directed and enacted by the reputed repository of varied talent - Shekhar Sen. This 5-century-old tale of a destitute orphan who became immortalized as one of the greatest poets of India comes to the audience in an engaging arrangement of meaningful anecdotes and evergreen compositions rendered in Sen’s soulful voice. You thrill to the tale of this inspired reformer whose ire at the exploitation in the name of the religion of ignorant have-nots found lyrical expression in Ram- Charit-Manas - an Awadhi version of the Ramayan written especially for the masses and sung joyfully to date by devotees. As the dramatic narration gives us well-crafted glimpses of Tulsi’s life and work, 52 musical segments enliven the script, often tempting us to sing along those much-loved lyrics. Acclaimed on both the national and international stage, Shekhar Sen’sTulsiis a memorable must-watch production and an aesthetic reminder that in a world rampant with fundamentalist rage, the pen can indeed be mightier than the sword!

Actor, Director, Singer & Composer: Shekhar Sen

Vivekanand - A musical Monoact Play

Show: Sun 02 Jun at 06:00 PM at Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir: Pune


Packed with the fiery erudition, fierce patriotism, irrepressible energy and musical genius of a spiritual dynamo who was, is and forever will be an immortal Inspiration for every Indian, Shekhar Sen’s 2 hour-long musical mono-act -Vivekanand is a befitting creative tribute to this youth icon and spirited son of Bharatmata! Skilfully weaving 32 melodious song-sequences through the fact-based narrative, writer-singer-director - actor Sen takes the audience through the riveting story of a rebel-saint – his childhood in an artistic but modest household, his exposure to the ideology of the Brahmo Samaj, his growing thirst to physically see God and his divinely ordained meeting with his Master - Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa – in short, the incredible transformation of the seeker Narendra into the towering visionary called Swami Vivekananda.

Equally appealing to both the intelligentsia and the spiritually inclined, Sen’s well-crafted presentation brings home both the global impact of the unforgettable 1893 Chicago address which put both India and the timeless wisdom of Hinduism on the world map and also revealed the limitless canvas of Vivekananda’s mind and heart - that razed all man-made walls and saw all inhabitants of this planet as members of a single Vasudhaivakutumbakam- Mother Earth’s family! It is this astute mix of Vivek and Anand – this ability to stimulate the intelligence and stir the heart -that has earned kudos for this brilliant production on a world platform.

Actor, Director, Singer & Composer: Shekhar Sen



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