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[Films] Filmmaker Oorvazi Irani's ANAHITA's LAW to premiere on Youtube on 3rd June!


In her next film ANAHITA's LAW filmaker Oorvazi Irani raises relevant questions on cast & gender-based stereotyping in the 21st century.

God gave us equality ~ Now women are determined to fight for it

The film takes its title from the ancient Persian Goddess, the mythological deity Anahita who is the deity of water, fertility, healing and wisdom. Anahita's Law is an attempt to redefine a woman's identity in the 21st century at this poignant moment in history & question certain fundamental beliefs and perceptions that exist in our patriarchal society in India.

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This film is a journey through the prism of my Parsi community seeking ‘what is a woman’s identity’ traversing the divine, human and abstract through the vehicle of the contemporary impetus of the Uniform Civil Code(UCC) debate in India," says Oorvazi Irani in a press release!

Oorvazi transverses in her performance three different age groups in the film, she shared her experience on performing in the film,

“As an artist, I enjoy the challenge of acting as it puts me at the vortex of my creation, not merely creating something external but being and experiencing the creation itself.

Irani chose a museum to screen her movie elaborating more on this she says,

“I would love for people to perceive Anahita’s Law, not in the limited perspective of the medium of film but in the larger perspective of art."


The film screening will be at the National Gallery of Modern Art, NGMA - Mumbai followed by a special discussion with noted film critic & author Bhawana Somaaya & Oorvazi Irani exploring the film and the theme of woman's identity with respected individuals from the field of film, art, and culture.

The film will be released on Humaramovie YouTube channel on the 3rd of June 2019.

Film Premiere Screening and Conversation:

Film Title: "Anahita's Law"

Language: English

Duration: 21 mins

Directed, Produced and Performed by Oorvazi Irani

Screenplay by: Farrukh Dhondy

Produced by: SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd.

Venue: National Gallery of Modern Art, NGMA- Mumbai

Date: Friday, 31st May 2019

Time: 3 PM - 5 PM


Anahita’s Law, a monologue in which a single actor portrays the ancient Persian Avestan Goddess of the Waters and Parsi Zoroastrian characters from the past and today, is the dramatic presentation of the injustices that the Indian Uniform Civil Code should aspire to put right. Anahita stands for fertility, healing, and wisdom. Fertility is the gift of womankind, healing the tolerance they have shown to injustice for millions of years and wisdom which supplies the audacity to struggle and win.


Oorvazi Irani is an independent filmmaker based in Mumbai, India. Apart from being a filmmaker, she is a film educationalist, an acting coach and the Director of her family held media production company SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd incorporated by her father Sorab Irani in 1975. She has been invited as Selection Jury for the 20th edition of the International Children’s Film Festival ‘The Golden Elephant’ held in Hyderabad in November 2017. She has been teaching film and acting for the last 10 years at prestigious institutions including FTII, Pune, she is currently a full-time Acting Faculty at Whistling Woods International and heads the subject of Film at the International Baccalaureate board at the SVKM J.V. Parekh International school. She has pioneered the Michael Chekhov acting technique to India with her DVD which has the endorsement of Joanna Merlin, President of the Chekhov Association, New York. Her debut independent feature film as Director, Co-Producer and Actor “The Path of Zarathustra” written by Farrukh Dhondy was successfully released in PVR theatres in 5 cities in India as a PVR Directors Rare release on September 4th, 2015

About: SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd.

The company is a family held media production organization incorporated in 1975 by its current Managing Director and Chairman Sorab Irani. Oorvazi Irani his daughter as Director of the company is now along with her father carrying forward the company legacy as a filmmaker. The company has produced over the past 4 decades several critically acclaimed films for Channel Four Television and BBC, London. Two of the documentaries produced - The Last House in Bombay and The Clap Trap have been preserved for posterity with the National Film Archives, Pune and Films Division Archives, Mumbai.


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