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UKULELE: The untold story of a young instrument in the city!

It's evening and the Koregaon Park part of the city is buzzing with its usual bonhomie! You want to walk to a hangout and listen to some music. Music that dribbles from the Land of Mordor, Mountains of Moon and Uagadou School of Magic! Music that casts a spell like the tune of a sitar, the flute and THE UKULELE!

Image Source: Unsplash


A STRUM AWAY UKULELE session is happening at Murphie's Koregaon Park. It was a simple musical setting where the tunes of the instrument floated when the first student of LUV MAHTANI took to the chair!

Image Source: Luv Mahtani Facebook


AKSHAT rendered a beautiful tune of Shaam and then the tunes of poetry and Ukulele [by Sanaa and Arpan!] floated in the restaurant like a rustic setting beside the evening sun.

Every instrument has a magic of its own tune; UKULELE felt like an instrument of peace yesterday! Quite a delightful evening!

Student performer ELIXIR gave a wonderful rendition of YOU LOOK WONDERFUL TONIGHT. To which the teacher LUV himself was speechless. Simran sang and played 500 MILES. We have sung this song at school; which is pretty beautiful. To listen to it with the UKULELE accompaniment was another trip to school,memories; and young kids humming the tune.

Nabha sang TONIGHT YOU BELONG TO ME. Twisha sang and played MOONSHADOW!

Luv Mahtani playing at Jamboree Creek Yoga. Goa


Rasa Aur Drama interacted with the teacher LUV about the instrument. He says:

"The UKULELE unlike the guitar has a smaller body, different wood body and nylon based strings. Which gives it a more organic sound. And since it's better played with your fingers, it gives it a more natural feel."

About introducing UKULELE with other instruments he says: " I have jammed with guitarists, vocalists, flautists, percussionists (cajon, drums), saxophone and harmonica players."

Image Source: Luv Mahtani


The UKULELE strumming teacher also says that he is a big fan of electronic music too! Luv is a musician, ukulele player, teacher, event manager and music curator! He was introduced to ukulele in 2012 but could only get an instrument in 2014! There was no looking back from then on!

We found some UKULELE makes from many brands. Take a look!


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