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[Writing] CineStory Foundation Feature Retreat and Fellowship Competition [U.S.]


Retreat Dates: October 19th -- 22nd Extended Late Deadline: Monday, April 15, 2019 Winners Announced: September 2019

In the Spotlight today is the 24th Annual CineStory Foundation Feature Retreat & Fellowship competition.

The final deadline for this year's contest is coming up on Monday, April 15th.

Click here to submit!


This year's feature retreat takes place on October 19th -- 22nd. CineStory dedicates itself to the advancement of great new screenwriting voices by selecting 25 emerging screenwriters through its annual Feature Fellowship competition for a 4-day intensive mentoring program held yearly in the Fall.


One exceptional writer will be selected from the competition scripts as the CineStory Feature Fellow. The Fellow receives a grand prize valued at $20,000 USD that includes free tuition and lodging for the Feature Retreat, a $10,000 cash prize, and a 12-month mentorship from 2 industry mentors to help enhance the Fellow's career path. CineStory Fellows have gone on to write films such as CAKE, IRON MAN, THE CHILDREN OF MEN, and many others.

CINESTORY FEATURE RETREAT All contest semifinalists and finalists are invited to attend the feature retreat, which is held just 2 hours outside of Los Angeles in Idyllwild, an artist community tucked away in a beautiful mountain town.

Retreat attendees each meet with 3 industry professionals to receive personalized feedback on their projects, as well as first-hand advice on how to navigate a career in the entertainment industry. Attendees also participate in "informal rooms," which are interactive sessions run by two to three mentors. Informal rooms cover topics ranging from pitching like a pro to the state of filmmaking in the digital age. In addition, attendees and mentors gather for meals, drinks, film screenings, and other special events.


CineStory mentors are committed industry professionals who work with retreat writers to elevate their craft and enhance their projects' marketability. CineStory mentors include screenwriters, producers, agents, managers, and executives who have shepherded to fruition such movies as LEGALLY BLONDE, FROZEN, THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB, FINDING NEVERLAND, WHAT WOMEN WANT, FACE OFF, and many more.

You can fill up the form here.


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