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An inverted world it is,

swimmers on the hood of my car,

concerts on the moon,

An ocean in a vanilla cake,

turtles flying in a platform subway,

whales in the sky,

swimmers in the dock of a washing machine,

children swinging by the space station,

and fishing by the London bridge,

with swimmers

in your morning breakfast soup,

Pop-corns boiling out of a volcano,

A Chinese building on my bowl of cereals,

A giant drummer in a valley,

Swimmers above a highway,

An eagle under a ship in the ocean,

I prefer marines jumping from a plane,

into a bowl of pasta,

Ocean creatures flying above surfers in an ocean,

A giant guitarist

as tall as the Andes mountain,

A car running on the skyscrapers,

A car speeding a tunnel into a light galaxy,

A musician over a submarine,

athletes practicing their skill,

with bombs ticking off in Vietnam,

Fishes above your head,

A giant butterfly,

sitting on an oil drill,

A giant bi-cycleman crossing the mountain,

while soldiers take a photo.

Vacuum cleaning a natural park in the Uganda,

A pole vaulter,

jumping across a mountain,

planets parachuting out of a plane.

Giant trees in New York.

Cars riding the galaxy on the highways,

I prefer horses racing on an ocean,

a streamer,besides

I prefer hikers on my pillow,

I prefer coming back home,

through the galaxy,

into the world,

I prefer cars racing on the rings of Uranus,



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