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Twelve Year old NISHITA BAKSHI scripts the new play at Gyaan Adab Children's Theatre!

Image Source: Gyan Adaab


Some thing is brewing at Gyaan Adab Children's Theatre ! NISHITA BAKSHI [12 years old ] has scripted the new play to be performed on NOV 25 at the venue. The play she has scripted is:

Squiggly In The Fish Pond

The image is just a creative visualization!


The Wish That Ran Away.

Nishita Bakshi is a part of the Mr. Randhir Khare's Mentorship Programme, director of GA. Nishita joined the program to learn painting and she went on to script the first play for herself. Something like Amitosh Nagpal of Piya Behrupia, who joined the team as an actor but went on to translate the play PIYA BEHRUPIA; which is a CLASSIC!

Nishita Bakshi at work!


Nishita is a phenomenal creative spirit and is amazingly diverse in her interests and view of the world. Rasa Aur Drama Times invites you to the play!

Where: Gyaan Adab Centre

When: 25th Nov

Time: 6pm

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