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Music Review: Maestro A.R. Rahman takes his show to Sikkim on Amazon Prime!

Cavernous-hawk-like-camera angles, water-bodies, valleys full of match-box-houses-HARMONY in Sikkim is a nature-full-musical episode. This episode takes you to the life of a Lepcha flute player, who uses a flute made of traditional bamboo found only in Sikkim. He believes that nature has the power to heal and connect, and music comes out when the connect with the vortex is strong. The Bible has stories talking about sounds coming from nature which musicians either played to or recorded; this art has been lost, says the camera-shy-at-times-awkward host A.R.Rahman. It's this connect which brings him to Sikkim. Talking about the Lepchas musical education, he finds out that the lepcha gave up everything to pursue music; and took a job in the Culture department of Sikkim. When he recorded some songs, in a band he formed, with some friends; ALL INDIA RADIO told him that they are not looking to air such songs! He kept his search on and found a guru who trained him further and introduced him to the musical world. A.R. Rahman and he jam besides a valley, while the maestro copies the tunes on his intrument. Soft, wind sounds emerge in the jam surrounded by beautiful Sikkim is one of the most powerful images I have found on the internet and TV! The place where Lepcha stays is also one of it's kind; kimono-looking-houses. Simple discussions on music with image of small insects on a leaf, zoomed to a thousand degree, create a sense of nature planet. The host also goes on to say that, he wished he had come to Sikkim earlier; than visiting the rest of the world. The end of the episode has them preparing for an oncoming jam in CHENNAI! The conversations are simple and loveable to follow!

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