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Bappagraphy: Celebrating Ganapati through clicks! [India]

Bappagraphy 2018, is an annual photography exhibition and competition on the theme of Ganapati Festival. It is organised by Dreams 2 Reality and Wide Wings Media.

It is a 6 years old event which is devoted for photography enthusiasts who are avid Ganapati Festival photo clickers. It's a competition of Photographs on Ganapati festivals followed by a 3 day exhibition of those Photographs. This is our effort to provide a platform for amateur Photographers along with professional photography on the same stage.

"Our basic thought behind this event is that we watch a lot of Photographers during Ganapati festival capturing almost every moment of this religious festival but we never get a chance to see their hard work which usually goes unnoticed. So we are organizing this event to find them and get them on ONE stage so we all can enjoy their work and appreciate their efforts," say the organizers in a press release.

Senior and renowned photographer Mr. Milind Dhere has mentored and judged the competition for the last few years.

There would also be a small interactive session; which took place on September 1.

The seventh year would see the competition in two categories:

Amateur and Professional. A new photo category this year would be "Bappa Story." "Bappa Story" is a 3-photo story where a participant needs to depict a story with the same theme. One needs to submit a one-line story for 3 photographs being submitted. Although it solely depends upon the participant whether to participate in Bappa Story or not.

This time "Bappagraphy" will be going International too. We are inviting entries from outside India. Thought behind this innovative idea is that most of Indians & Maharashtra Mandals in USA, UK, UAE and Australia are celebrating this religious festival with great fervor. So we wanted to explore their celebration in India through Bappagraphy and also give our audience a view of the celebrations of the festival outside India.

The online registrations for the competition are open.

Registration Link : Competition Rules : Exhibition Date : 5th, 6th, & 7th October 2018 Venue : Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery, Ghole Road, Pune

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