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Theatre Preview: Complicitie presents EVERYTHING THAT RISES MUST DANCE [UK]

A project celebrating being female.

'This is pure dance, making everyday actions profoundly communicative.' Daily Telegraph

everything that rises must dance is a new dance project celebrating female movement and the way women have danced throughout history. Created with more than 200 women this free performance unfolds in three venues around London as part of Dance Umbrella 2018. Rippling with choreography that reproduces the minute movements of daily life while weaving in fragments of folk dance from around the world, the spectacle sets expressive, physical action to an evolving sonic score. Created by choreographer Sasha Milavic Davies and composer Lucy Railton, this intriguing project produced by Complicité explores relationships, identity and community.

Performance dates:

Saturday 29 September, 2pm & 4pm (NOW Gallery, Greenwich Peninsula)

Sunday 7 October, 12:30pm & 2pm (Boxpark, Croydon) Saturday 13 October, 3pm & 5pm (Somerset House, London) Produced by Complicité Presented by Dance Umbrella In partnership with Greenwich Peninsula and Croydon Council

The production is kindly supported by

Simon McBurney on World Theatre Day

"And they cannot stop us. Each night we will reappear..."

Simon McBurney, actor, writer, director and co-founder of Complicité has been chosen by UNESCO as the European Ambassador for the International Theatre Institute.

Read his full 2018 World Theatre Day message here.

"We live in a time when it is hard to see clearly. We are surrounded by more fiction than at any other time in history or prehistory. Any ‘fact’ can be challenged, any anecdote can have claim on our attention as ‘truth’. One fiction in particular surrounds us continually. The one that seeks to divide us. From the truth. And from one another. That we are separate. People from people. Women from men. Human beings from nature."

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