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[Non-Fiction] The play finally ends at Bharat Natya Mandir!

As I droop my notes and pen into my bag and walk towards the exit at the other end of the hall; because the regular one closes after the last play. And you have to stomp like an elephant across the balcony [Don't imagine the elephant in Aasakta's gajab Kahani], showing your watching-experience; scarred in joy and boredom across your face.

The conversations on the way down range from the good-bad-ugly about the plays. And the energy is much, much, much more after the play.

The team who gets down from the stage cheers so loudly;that sometimes you wonder if they had it all pent up for this after-play Tamashaa.

Familiar faces you meet on the corridor and just an exchange of couple of words and in glances you can study the character.

Before you exit the auditorium:BHARAT NATYA MANDIR you have to pass across another league of auditorium staff; who enjoy years of salutage from all kinds of artists. They are also a markstone/cornerstone of whether you would make it to the league of artists or not.

However, humble the piercing glance are very sharp and genuine. If you win their approval, you enter the sacred precincts of the history of the auditorium. Perhaps, history is a living fact, it never dies.

As, this cage of Aqua-man looking staff is passed you come to the wada pav-canteen; where in no way can you let go of you dignity as you are open to the total public.

You try to buy a Wada Pav but it would take along line to finish before you can grab one. You walk towards the other end of cheering. I see the lead actor on somebody's shoulder; it doesn't matter if the play was a total bore. You still enjoy it.

The play finally ends and you walk home!


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