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Theatre News: The CLASSIC play MAHANIRVAN is revived after two decades! [India]

Mahanirvan has been considered as one of the most distinguished plays, a reputed milestone in the history of Indian theatre. With 400 shows, translated in more than ten languages. Mahanirvan is also a prescribed text in literature curriculum at universities. The play is performed in a lyrical/musical form using Maharashtrian folk music such as kirtan, gondhal, bhajan, abhang etc. The black comedy aptly highlights the intricacies of human relations and emotional ethos, while passing subtle messages on sociocultural systems, typical human tendencies, customs and traditions.

Two shows of the play were staged at The NCPA on September 2. The first show of the play was staged in 1974. Playwright Satish Alekar gives the reason why he went to The Natak Company, Pune to produce the play:

They are not like us — the old guard. They are techies and self-employed business people. Their professionalism is perfectly suited to the new age. They have their own audiences, they can fill the hall with their social media publicity strategies.,” told the Hindu.

Script and Direction: Satish Alekar Music : Late Anand Modak Musicians: Swapnil Kulkarni, Ketan Pawar, Swanand Tarde & Manish Vipradas Cast: Nachiket Devasthali, Sayalee Phatak, Siddharth Mahashabde, Mayureshwar Kale & others

Lights: Vikrant Thakar

Production: The Natak Company, Pune Production


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