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Why local theatre needs a design based approach ?

I love traditional, local theatre in the Marathi language. I strongly feel that their is a sense of design to the productions which is utterly lacking. Improvisation, getting a sense of what the director and writer expect is brilliant, but it can also put you in loophole of an "emotional- jargon-gesture-filled-language" which is of little use to actual growth.

What I would love to see an actor do is be authentic on stage. I don't care if he has worked with 100 brands of stage artists.

Every individual, artist carries within him an original seed, a trait which has to be found and nurtured. Working with other artists is one of the worst theatrical "suicide" you can commit.

Authenticity and originality WOULD stand out anywhere on the planet. It is logic and science. You elicit original response and connect with your audience ; there would be creativity. It is the law of nature.

A design based approach puts your team, actors and more in an environment of controlled learning, removed away from the prejudice of culture, tradition or even thee director. Because, you are in an environment of thought. There has to be growth.

In any system of art, theatre, painting ; if you do not grow, it means the design is not correct. The environment is not conducive. The methods of the director, the writing of the writer is not apt. There is a check of natural verifiable-ity.

A theatre group is a design, an environment with infinite possibilities.

A design based approach also clarifies the technique...

[ to be continued]


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