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Theatre Review: Purushottam Karandak, SUNDAY [India]

Mariayeecha Gaada

BY Tikaram Jagannath College of Arts , Science and Commerce , Khadki

Thoughts about the contribution of Doctor Narendra Dabholkar and his fight against superstition, the college team picked up this script. The college wanted to portray superstition still prevalent in the society. Sada a character in the play tries to fight against it and raise awareness. He changes the nature of an old man Nana Patil and we see two versions of Nana in the same play. There is a tussle between science and superstition in the play.

The set for the team which had a well, pulley and a GOD back-facing the stage was a rustic one. In the opening scene an old man, groaning is crossing the stage with his family. The costume of the village peoples was judicious.

In a scene the old man, picks up the hay and puts it close to the house; was slow and rustic enough. Such scenes do build little nostalgia for the rustic life, so not present in a city like Pune.

In a hilarious scene, three characters are chatting. You expect the person (Sada) advancing towards the old man, to do something menacing; but he jumps and touches his feet. It put the audience into fits of laughter! Perhaps, the whole story is about a man who is sick and the village folks are trying to cure him with quack methods. In a funny scene again the doctor is called and he is giving an injection to a lady; and she jumps away.

All the while one character is playing drums, and ladies praying to the Gods to for their favor.

One character starts self-beating in a colored dress, while a Bullock is made ready to put the goddess in it for drowning. One lady pretends to have a spirit in her and starts dancing wildly. There is a crowd at the end of the play and maniac laughter.

The lights didn't have anything special, sets as mentioned above.

Cast: Nana Patil ( Rohit Mane), Sada ( Sada :-Rutik Raste)Satvu nana:-(Santosh More), Mhadaba (Ashutosh Mohite), Keru tatya (Rushikesh Parkhi), Bhau BaBa(akshay bahirat), Gavkari 1( ajinkya maratkar), Gavkari 2 (akshad paiyawal), Shanta akka (Aperna Bahirat), Aradhi bai (shweta Gaikwad), Bai 3(Mitali kalamkar), Halgi (Aniket Rakshe), Gavkari 4 (Rashid Shaikh),

Lights: (Anuragh Dubale),

Music: (Renuka Madane)

Director: Rohit Mane

Writer: Rutik Raste

Last Sip

by Sinhgad Academy of Engineering, Kondhwa

The setting is of the Indian subcontinent. Pakistan is trying to sneak uranium from China to build it's Nuclear capabilities in 1977. RAW agents from India are present in Rawalpindi to see the advancement

of Pakistan's Nuclear facility.The setting is that of a bar, where a man is drinking and chatting to a barman. The conversation is friendly until the drinking person [Vetaal] says something confidential . So, the barman , who is a disguised spy, ties the visitor in the bar.

In this closed mission of India 14-16 RAW agents were present in pakistan. RAW was functioning as an independent body without receiving permission from PMO. But, when Moraji Desai became Prime Minister he questioned this. he informed this to the Pakistan Prime Minister. And, the Indian agents are left in a loop. The opening moments of the play with a typewriter lettering the situation of Pakistan, China and the newly elected Indian Prime Minister was RIVETING. The barman and the man played their character in a gusto. The audience was riveted to the opening and the following moments. In a scene a lady comes to the bar with a letter, information on a scientist and a passport. The piece has strong chances for the next round. The set was not overwhelming but apt; dramatic music used when needed. Lights normal. The typewriter on the projector is still on my mind. Rajiv khettar and Mayur bachhav stand out! Loved the script! Good work.

Cast: Rajiv khattar[vetaal] , Mayur Bachhav [Bartender] Raghav-Omkar Navate, Nazma mansuri/[Meera goyal]-Trupti Mahajan,

[Scientists] Abdus Salam- Pratik Potdar, [Barber] Sushant Kurkute

Writer: Disha belgamwar

Director: Mayur Sharad Bachhav

Lights: vedika sontakke, shivani rashatwar

Music: akshat kamavisdar


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