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Theatre Preview: Tram's Baby Theatre Festival [Mumbai]


In recent times, theatre productions for children are on the increase. But, they are mostly mentored by trainers from Europe. Tram Theatre Company explores the distinct "Us" through this festival.

As a celebration of this phenomenal development in our country and to bring some of these pioneering performances to the youngest citizens of MUMBAI , TRAM ARTS TRUST , HARKAT STUDIOS, And EXTENSIONS ARTS are bringing together on every Sunday of June a ‘BABY THEATRE FESTIVAL’ ~ plays made especially for young audiences between 6 months to 6 years. In this first edition, the festival will be hosting 4 plays from Mumbai and 1 from Delhi.


Plays made especially for young audiences between 6 months – 6 years 3rd – 24th (all Sundays) June 2018. 75, Aram Nagar II, Versova, Andheri (West)


NAL JAL 3rd June, 5.30 pm for 6 months – 6 years Duration: 35 minutes followed by a short interaction A comedian and his cup full of water take their young audience on a playful journey to discover pictures, sounds, images made by the most magical material of all ~ water! Directed & performed by Dhanendra Kawade. Company: Swangvale, Mumbai.


WARP & WEFT 10th June, 4.30 pm for 6 months – 18 years Duration: 20 minutes followed by a short interaction A child up to grand mischief while waiting at a fabric store Directed & performed by Sananda Mukhopadhaya. Company: Extension Arts, Mumbai


PLASTICITY 10th June, 6.30 pm for 2 years – 6 years Duration: 30 minutes Two performers discover that there is much more to plastic than meets the eye! Pet bottles, poly bags and plastic sheets transform through rhythm, sound, light and shadow creating ever-changing worlds of shape-shifting wonder! Directed & performed by Bikram Ghosh & Kriti Pant. Company: Tadpole Repertory, New Delhi


CLAY PLAY 17th June, 5.30 pm for 2 years – 5 years Duration: 25 minutes followed by a short interaction A material theatre performance designed specially for preschoolers using potter’s clay, sounds, music and movements! Watch clay take forms almost magically & get ready to create with terracotta clay, leaves, twigs, seeds and your imagination. Directed & performed by Prerna Bagaria. Company: Mann Mela, Mumbai


OOOL 24th June, 5.30 pm for 3 years – 6 years Duration: 25 minutes A person, a place or a thing or much more? Come join a fascinating journey with wool in 'Oool', where the performer takes you through discoveries with this versatile material along with music, movement and madness! Performed by Choiti Ghosh. Directed by Sananda Mukhopadhyaya Company: Tram Arts Trust, Mumbai & New Delhi.


For Enquiries please write to us or call Choiti at 9820361835 ​

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