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Blackbox Art at Creaticity Festival [PUNE]

Creaticity Festival had the organisation Platform for Artists build an UNLEARN environment , where 15 artists over four days collaborate on an art project in a black box kind of environment.

unlearn was an immersive and engaging art show which asks the question: what if we change the way of experiencing art ?

it is an experiment which strives to change the habits of viewing art by taking it into an unconventional space. this will allow the audience to 'enter' into a dimension which will be an imaginative narration of accepting creative expression. this is not an exhibition, this is an experience of progressive storytelling through multidisciplinary art where 15 independent artists from across the country will collaboratively build a show.

the past year has been a journey of experimentation, imperfections and new discoveries. we executed all the ideas that came to our head without ever thinking about the success or failure of the ideas. we always wanted to be exploratory, innovative, courageous and more importantly 'original' in our work.

one of the most experimental piece was a performance by ashwin sharma of swatantra , who questioned all the prior art experiences ?

Story and Concept by Pawan Rochwani, Founder Platform for Artists

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