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Theatre Interview: Chatting Kajvyancha Gaon with theatre Personality Pradeep Vaiddya


Pradeep Vaiddya works with the Pune Based Aasakta Kalamanch that has steadily risen to be one of the fore most contemporary theatre groups in the country. A man of many parts, Pradeep has been involved with all of Aasakta's productions. Apart from having adapted and translated plays, Pradeep has designed and operated the lights for Aasakta's productions, and has won several accolades, which include the META Award for TU and TICHEE SATRA. he lighted Aasakta kalamaanch's production "mathemagician" at prithvi theatre in november 2017.pradeep is also the founder of a theatre school called Expression Lab.

Rasa Aur Drama does a candid talk with the director, writer, musician and light designer where he speaks out his mind.

Rasa Aur Drama: Last we saw you organizing and executing Cy Fi Karandak and now directing a play? How does a light designer fit these many roles?

Pradeep Vaiddya: My work as a director need not surprise Rasa Aur Drama. I have been directing plays and my plays have been nominated from time to time. Shillak the play I directed a few years back has been nominated at META with 11 nominations. Price Tag another two act play that I directed a few years back toured US.

Anyway...The fact is that I am not just a light designer. It may be true that I am okay with the fact that I might be better as a light designer. I have been writing, adapting and directing plays and doing lights and singing and organizing events. If you remember, in the first year of Nattyasattak I was one of the founders.

Q2.) We saw a huge team onstage yesterday in "Kajvyancha Gaon". Any learning lessons from handling such a huge team? How many members were there on stage?

PV: Well, every play needs what it needs. Plus I have a huge man power ever ready to work with me. Expression Lab Alumni, my interns, my friends from various theatre when it needs to be resource rich (in this way) it's never difficult. However, one needs a lot of scheduling, accommodation and understanding while dealing with a large team. It gives me better perspective of human beings. I love to study that. When you are working with new people, your basics, fundamentals are challenged from time to time. That way you learn everything every time.

Q3.) We really feel that theatre is natural to local artists. Any comments on it?

PV: I feel ​nothing is natural to the artist when it comes to acting. Actors have to earn their performances painstakingly. The directors have to help them earn even a small action otherwise appearing normal.

Madhurani Prabhulkar and Rupali Bhave

Image Credit: Janhavi Ghospurikar


Q4. ) Tell Rasa Aur Drama why people travelling to Pune should come to Bharat Natya Mandir and watch theatre?

PV: Bharat Natya Mandir holds a legacy. It is one of the historical venues of Good Theatre. In every month some activity or the other keeps happening here that is worth a visit. Purushottam Karandak, Bharat Karandak, Natyasattak, Cy Fi, E Lab Solo Festival all have their own special plus points. In addition, Bharat Natya Mandir offers an intimate theatre experience.

Q5.) Can you tell Rasa Aur Drama why you chose the script ?

PV: I liked it because it talks about interpersonal relationships, empathy and compassion. I always feel that we need to look at these things ever.

Sanyogita and Radhika Ghospurikar

Image Credit: Janhavi Ghospurikar


Q6.) Can you tell us about your light design for the play and the light operator ?

PV: I was on lights. The voltage fluctuations were accompanying and adding their own effects!!! Ha Ha Ha

Q7.) Tell Rasa Aur Drama something about the production process?

PV: We worked for three months. We did not get any technical rehearsals because of the school annual days, various competitons and scheduling issues. But we visited Konkan to facilitate actor's understanding about the region and people there.

Thanks Pradeep, for chatting, we will keep following your work!

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