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Applications open for META Awards 2018

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The Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards now in its 13th year has created a benchmark for applauding the finest in theatre. It was instituted by the Mahindra Group with the objective of becoming a significant platform for celebrating this art.META recognises theatre’s varied elements like playwriting, set, costume and light designing, direction and performance. Over the years, META has succeeded in setting a stage that represents the diverse interpretations of this art form as understood in various regions of the country. The most pressing social issues have been brought to life and given a new perspective by highly acclaimed theatre groups that have participated in the festival. The Mahindra Group, through META, aims to increase awareness and appreciation of Indian theatre, making it the only national arena for recognising and rewarding the industry’s best performing theatres and theatre makers.

The 13 th Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards will be held from 2018 in New Delhi. The 10 nominated theatre productions will be staged at one of the following auditoriums: Kamani Auditorium, Sri Ram Centre, Little Theatre Group Auditorium.

There is something about the adrenaline rush in a live performance that can make you do completely crazy things… it’s as if the character takes hold of you and pulls the strings.

Shabana Aazmi


A good drama experience can feed a child’ heart and causing him or her to dwell in infinite realm of wonder.

Sushma Seth


Everything is created through an Actor’s body, voice and gesture. Without an actor, there is no creation in theatre.

Rajat Kapoor


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