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Two city Tour of Bundelkhand Ki Virgin Machhliyan

The makers of "The Letters" based on a short story by Rabindranath Tagore bring you " Bundelkhand Ki Virgin Machhliyan" epicentred in the fantasy world of Bundelkhand.

A camp which is a make-believe perfect world lives in the constant fear of being watched by unknown eyes. These eyes are a faceless power. The play is based on the novel by THE VIRGIN FISH OF BABUGHAT by Lokenath Bhattacharya is a shameless testimony against the State or those who are in Power.What they have in exchange is a hedonistic lifestyle. They have lost their identities since their different ways of being have been erased. All prisoners of this camp must be the same. They have been reduced to their productivity and segregated according to their skill sets. Women have been reduced to resources for reproduction. Their virginity is thus a fundamental parameter to judge their ability. In this hedonistic world, is it possible to find love?

Our protagonist who is nameless or may be one of you happens to find love in Ishnoor, a divine brightness. In this grotesque developed world he finds a hint of beauty. This is a dangerous beauty that turns the world of the camp upside down. Scenes of this impossible love story in this dystopian world are knit together like frames in a film as moments captured out of life, running through those years of captivity, editing together a panorama of social breakdowns. Five actors live through these breakdowns fighting their will to act. They are not allowed to without permission. Bundelkhand Ki Virgin Machhliyan is a political satire (that incidentally is based in Bundelkhand, one of the most under developed draught stricken areas of India, where in our fiction development has finally reached) that promises to give a good many laughs - at your self!

Tour Schedule:

In Mumbai:

19th November 2017: Harkat Studios at 7:30 pm (Premiere )

26th November 2017: Overact at 6pm and 9pm

3rd December 2017: Cuckoo's Club at 8pm

In Delhi

13th January 2018: Studio Safdar at 7pm

15th January 2018: Jawaharlal Nehru University

Tickets on



Direction: Sharmistha Saha


Gaurav Kunwar Singh/Nilraj Singh Rathore

Gaurav Kumar/Bheeshm Pratap Singh Chauhan

Arpita Banerjee/Bharati Perwani

Nishant Kumar/Hemang Mehta

Mohammed Faisal/Vishal Vats

For further inquiries call:Saurabh Pratap Singh - 9619207637


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