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Theatre Review at IAPAR 2017: Mandragora Circus

The theater pieces at IAPAR are only getting more diverse and experimental by the evening! In Mandragora Circus, you see two clowns in love and tussle-through love! The man-clown is to the left of the stage and the woman-clown to the right. The play starts with the wooing. In a comic-book-caricature the male clown moves and in mock-trepidation-arousing gestures, sets the pace.The creativity on stage today was so alive, that theater leads in originality in the art form today.

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The male-clown is playing a musical instrument, and the female is cleaning up the items (food ) on the table. He begins to get fidgety and breaks the string of the instrument. Yet, he tries to bring out a musical sound through his weird efforts, which pushes the physical-theater-play towards creativity. A huge part is occupied by this action. Then the action moves towards the table where the female-clown is playing with banana. The peel is left on the floor and first the male-clown and then the female-clown fall. They keep laughing to the incident. All in their clowinsh-circus-Jim-Carrey gestures. (If Taj Mahal Ka Tender was not enough to get your ribs tickling IAPAR presents this play today.) You will certainly fall in love with THEATRE, once you see this play!

Back to action, the male clown begins to play with the apples throwing it up, down and across. The piece just got more hilarious by the moment.The faces of the clowns are in white and the eyebrows are tapering towards the sky: slightly like Drogo of "Games of Thrones." The costumes of the clown was a suit and a skirt for the female. The male clown very adeptly performed the drowning movement. He reaches the piano and with every hit of the string, the female clown jumps, runs and moves around. The male clown begins to cut the musical instrument with his saw!The jokers start interacting with the audience. The male clown brings a girl on stage to play throwing clubs around her.Total Madness! Next, they use LED lights on stage. Mandragoras is actually the name of a flower on which the piece is based. There was more of improvisation by the artists than a choreography in place. With agile movements, the clowns kept the attention of the audience in tune. There was also a kid who could not stop laughing in the audience.

IAPAR International Theatre Festival is making Pune the Theatre Capital of the Oriental World :)

Playwright and Director: Juan Cruz Bracamonte

Cast: Mariana Silva, Juan Cruz Bracamonte

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