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Shoonyaghar: Art work by Sudarshan Shetty

About the artist: Sudarshan Shetty's constructed installation 'Shoonya Ghar' is based on the idea propagated by the 'Nirgun' poetry of the 12th century poet Gorakhnath.

The work explores the basic structure of paradoxes and seeming contradictions. The simplicity projected through these fragments of everyday life attempts to decode tradition and beliefs. Sudarshan's attempt to evolve a creative language where each medium inspires the other and takes the idea forward in a non-linear fashion. He blends various mediums and forms of creative expressions to create a total experience. He is constantly evolving a personalized aesthetic order which imbibes various sensiblities and breaks conventional notions of aesthetic understanding. His constructed anecdotes fill the critical lacuna in the manner art is perceived and experienced as ideas can be hypothetical bu they need to be governed by their own logic to formulate their meaning.

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