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Magic Realism at Sudarshan Rangmanch

A piece of “Magic Realism” spurts out on stage when a team of theatre practioners get together to perform at Sudarshan Rangmanch.Rebellious, inspiring, face-distorting agony is brought to light by Sudhip Raha, Gita Guha, Girish Pardeshi, Saumya Srivastava, Amit Jha and Bobby Adhale.Interestingly, the play is a take on fake personalities in society who carry a “’convenient” ideology with them.It was important for Che to show up in the country in a prison.When Che emerges, can these personalities match up to his leadership, innocence, love, compassion and devilry. Muddled by American consumerism of t-shirts , glasses, posters, key chains, flags, berets, backpacks, wall clocks, bikinis, personal tattoos and more; the writer Sudhip Raha, an NSD graduate deconstructs the real Che.And, where else to stage the first performance than at Sudarshan Rangmanch in Pune on 3rd September.The prominent characters in the play are: a journalist, relative, a policeman and CHE himself. “Hash Ernesto Tag Guevera” is here to stay.Artists like Perumul Merugan and Taslima Nasreen are ousted from society. Here is a spirit of comradeship, to bring back justice and leadership in society.The life of a revolutionary pushes a new stream of life into a nation, and human mind. Such was the life of Che Guevera.Love is a prominent “rasa” in the play “The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.”Interestingly Che also had a great talent for creativity and self-expression. The play draws on the human nature of Che: who is emotional and vulnerable, generous to a fault. He may withdraw into a cloud of silence and come out from the reticence with jokes and laughter.“Che’s talent for self expression can be a great inspiration force in the world, uplifting others, and bringing much success and happiness to him. However, Che Guevara could easily squander his talent by becoming a social butterfly.”Sudhip Raha tells Pune Theatre Guide that there are no heroes in the play and it is a linear-character setting. With a smile he invites all theatre lovers to his play.

Date: 3rd September, 4:00 pm

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